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Onekin project

Onekin project

Onekin has service for series projects.Onekin green wall panel is fire proof wall panel, lightweight wall panel and water proof wall panel, it can be ...

Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

Onekin green precast wall system with high quality, reasonable price has win our customers’ trust and gets the thumbs-up. In this part, we will share...

Steel structure

Steel structure

Oman ProjectLocal Conditions Location: Oman (Middle East) Temperature: 15℃~47℃ Humidity: above 50% Local material: AAC block Project Type: low rise ...

low rise

low rise

Singapore Project Local Conditions Location: Singapore   Temperature: 23℃~34℃ Humidity: 60% ~ 90% Project Type: low rise building - steel structure ...

high rise

high rise

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China Efficient Energy Saving Wall Panel Heat and Sound Insulation Supplier

China Efficient Energy Saving Wall Panel Heat and Sound Insulation Supplier

  • Main raw material: Magnesium Oxide
  • Reaction to fire: up to 4 hours
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.16~0.17W/(m•K)
  • Sound insulation:up to 51dB
  • Certificates: TUV,ASTM
  • Compressive strength: 5.56Mpa (Thickness:100mm)
  • Standard sizes:2800/2900 x 600 x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Key words: efficient energy saving wall panel supplier
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China Efficient Energy Saving Wall Panel Heat and Sound Insulation Supplier

What is energy saving wall panel: Onekin green panel?
As we all know that energy saving building material is a kind of material used to reduce energy consumption of buildings,which has the characteristics of energy saving,soil saving,waste and environmental protection,and can improve the architectural function.

Onekin green panels are this kind of building material,which made from Magnesium Oxide,Magnesium Chloride,they are bond with chemical reaction,filling in fiber plant,flyash for strength,here are some reasons for why Onekin green panels can be energy saving wall panel:
1.Low thermal conductivity
For 100mm thickness wall panel,thermal conductivity is 0.1739 W/(m.K),which is tested by the third party TUV singapore.Generally,we regard the building material as heat insulation material if the thermal conductivity is less than 0.2W/(m.K),which means we can save up to 80% energy,so Onekin wall panels are good energy saving wall panel.

2.Easy to cut and fast installation
Some customer ever mentioned that if Onekin could be cut and make it to be whatever he wanted according to his constructure designs,we said yes.Onekin green panel can be cut easily ,beacuse of its high compressive strengh and it would be not damaged when cutting and saving the material.

3.Heat and sound insulation
In cold or hot weather,the temperature in the house would not change a lot,so there is no need a lots of energy to make cold or hot. 
Take 90mm thickness wall panel as an example,sound insulation up to 51dB,and you will enjoy every times in your house.

4.Enlarge the using area
Onekin green panel comparing to nomal clay bricks wall or cement concrete wall,will enlarge the using area,very good for exterior wall partitions.

5.Long lifespan
Onekin ensures its quality and saves energy to the future.

What performances Onekin energy saving wall panel would have?
Onekin panels are most used in exterior / interior wall paritions in house construction with wood or steel structure,and has many good performances, very meet requirements from customers:
1. Fireproof
Reaction to fire up to 4 hours,as Onekin panels based on Magnesim Oxide material,which is non-combustible material.

Hollow core designs make it more lighter than any other building walls,very easy to carring and installation.

3.Green building material
Green raw materials,and do not contain any asbestos,radioactivities,formaldehyde,and other harmful substances,also it has insect resistant fuction.

4.Low water absoption
Low water absoption makes it very suitable for wet conditions.

Project for reference
Onekin as energy saving wall panel supplier,we are successfully in producing this kinds of building material in many countries,and get a lots of good feedback from our customers,here are some project pictures for your reference.To get more project information,you can contact our sales.

Onekin introduction
Onekin is a fast growing company and consists of professional teams,including: strict quality control team to ensure high quality,technical engineers to ensuring stable quality,and sales team to ensure effective communication,and R&D department.
Factory covers an area of about 1800 quare meters and has 13 years of history,with 74 sets of production moulds,daily production capacity about 1500pcs.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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