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China construction light weight green panel eps block

China construction light weight green panel eps block

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Size range:2200~3600mm x 600mm x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Color: white
  • Advantages:light weight,fireproof,heat insulation,weatherproof etc.
  • Structural frame:steel structure,concrete structure,wood structure
  • Application:wall partitions
  • Services: best on/after sale services
  • Key words:light weight green panel eps block supplier
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China construction light weight green panel eps block supplier 

Why choose one of green panel eps block suppliers - Onekin?

Whatever the way you find us - a green panel eps block supplier,if you have any house project now or any demand on this kind of wall materials,choose Onekin you will not regret.Here are some best services for you:
a.good quality product
b.professional advises of your project design as rich experience in house project
c.short lead time can be provided
d.immediately feed back according to your requirements 

How to check if this light weight eps block meet your requirements?

Will you use the green panel eps block material to achieve light weight but strong,weatherproof,fireproof,heat insulation,fast installation then shorten the construction period?
What applications you will use the green panel eps block to: Auditorium & commercial building,residential house,villa,work shop,warehouse etc.?
You want best quality products as you do not want to waste much cost and time on the bad quality in the future?
Yes,you are right,Onekin is a good choice.Our light weight green panel eps block can be widely used in these applications above and with good quality as we know that bad quality will loose a lot good customers,this is not what we want to see.

What's materials the green panel eps block applied and the size?

green panel eps block applied all green materials as green is a trend now and contain no organic material that is insect-resistant,Onekin hopes to produce this kind of green wall materials.Main mateiral of green panel eps block is high purified magnesium oxide:a natural fireproof material,fly ash,plant fiber as filling material,and high quality magnesium choloride as the main cementing material to solidify other materials.

Considering the different usages of the green panel eps block,so we provide a full range of sizes to meet different requirements from customers,size range: 2200~3600mm x 600mm x 75/90/100/120/150/200mm.As wall partitions,we recommend best to use the thickness of 90/100/120mm,because of using these thickness will enlarge the activitiy area when comparing the traditional wall materials.

Performances of green panel eps block

a.heat insulation in exterior or interior wall system: it is a nice heat insulation wall material due to its low thermal conductivity
b.extremely light weight : reach to the goal light weight and fast installation,we make the green panel eps block in a way of hollow core design,the spare space inside the panel reduce a lot of weights.
c.fireproof: building material with fireproof function is very important,and our green panel eps block is fireproof as the magnesium oxide we applied is non-combustible material
d.sound insulation: now sound insulation can reach to 51dB 
e.weatherproof : in hot and wet area,better to use our green panel eps block

Project for reference

Onekin is not only the green panel eps block material supplier,but also we can provide full range of house design,all materials needed in house construction,and installation guidance.What customer need,we will try to make a solution.Thus,now we have rich experience in house project construction,below are some pictures of our projects we ever  done for your reference. 

High building

Company introduction

Chengdu Onekin is manufacture and supplier of green panel eps block,and contribute to green wall materials for many years,we have our own factory and professional teams: technology reserch center,strict quality control team,engineering team,sales team to ensure better communication.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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