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Chloride free fireproof and water resistant mgo boardChloride free fireproof and water resistant mgo boardChloride free fireproof and water resistant mgo boardChloride free fireproof and water resistant mgo board

Chloride free fireproof and water resistant mgo board

  • Density: 1050-1100kg/m3
  • Thickness: 3-30mm
  • Standard Size: 1220*2440mm/1200*2400mm(Customized Available)
  • Type: With Painting or Without Painting
  • Fire Rating:
  •          6mm: 1hour
  •          6-12mm: 1-2hours
  •          12mm above > 2hours
  • Eco-Friendly:
  •          100% Asbestos Free / Non-Toxic / Insect-Resistance
  • Usage: Interior Fireproof Boards / Based Boards for Roof /
  •        Partition Boards / Wall Cladding Boards
  • Certification: TUV / ASTM / CE /EN/ SGS

Product Description

Onekin drywall spatula is a kind of environmental-friendly board which is widely used in construction and decoration.It is a new type non-flammable material made of lightweight materials. 

Most impotantly, Onekin wall panel A gread is made of Chloride free. It is Sulfate board, has great performance in waterproof and high strenght. Suitable for European, Australia and USA market.

Blow is the differences of those two boards. 



Onekin mgo board is widely used as wall board to replace fiber cement board, calcium silicate board and gypsum board.

 it can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to steel frame. Mgo board is offen used in light steel structure.

roof board: more than 10mm thickness

interior board: 8-12mm thickness 

ceiling board: 5-8mm

exterior board: more than 10mm

floor board: more than 15mm

Onekin mgo board is non-combustible panel, not combusted at 800℃ and no flames at 1200℃

2,High strength

Used as backer board, structure wall board and partition board.

3,Sound and heat insulation

Onekin mgo is outstanding sound-insulating and heat-insulating (energy-saving) performances provide a cozy living atmosphere.


4, Environmental
Onekin mgo board is asbestos free, No radioactive elements like formaldehyde, benzene etc and no irritating harmful things.

5, Moisture proof

    Onekin mgo board has stable physical performances, it will not be effected even in cold-dry or humid weather conditions.

Test data sheet 


ASTM test report(9mm)





Onekin green board

ASTM C 1185-12

Flexural strength

Longitudinal :10.7Mpa

Horizontal :13.2Mpa

ASTM D 2394-11

Compression indentation

Mean max. deformation at 4.45 Kn:0.55mm 

Mean residual deformation: 0.34mm

ASTM D 1037-12

Nail head pull strength


ASTM C 1396-13

Humidity deflection




Onekin project reference






 Packaging & Shipping



Company Information




1. Dangers of low quality wall board?

1.1 It can create salty water in humid temperature and the extra chloride ion left can rusty metal part.

1.2 Poor water resistance and poor durability.

1.3 Deformation

1.4 Easy to crack.


2. Why Onekin magnesium board?  

 As an environmentally friendly construction material, Onekin magnesium boards are manufactured from naturally occurring minerals and do not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways. Saw dust from Onekin magnesium board can safely be disposed of in landfills. Onekin magnesium boards are carbon friendly in manufacturing, for their needs no autoclaving or steam to cure. Its light-weight and high strength make installation easier. 


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