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Concrete alternative light fireproof 4 hours panel with COC certificate for UAEConcrete alternative light fireproof 4 hours panel with COC certificate for UAEConcrete alternative light fireproof 4 hours panel with COC certificate for UAE

Concrete alternative light fireproof 4 hours panel with COC certificate for UAE

  • Concrete alternative light fireproof 4 hours panel with COC certificate for UAE
  • Size:2200-6000*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Design:hollow core
  • Fire rate: GradeA1, up to 4 hours
  • Soundproof: 51dB
  • Lighter: than concrete panel
  • Fast install: 50m2/day/worker
  • Green: no asbestos, formaldehyde,toxicant
  • Life span: more than 70 years
  • Features:
  • Concrete alternative light panel
  • Concrete alternative with fireproof 4 hours light panel
  • Fireproof panel with COC certificate for UAE
  • Replace concrete lightweight with COC certificate panel for UAE
  • Replace concrete COC certificate light panel with fireproof 4 hours for UAE

Concrete alternative fireproof GradeA  panel with COC certificate for UAE


As we know, traditional concrete panel isvery heavy and it is easy to broken, and in the application of some highrequirement of fireproof and soundproof buildings, 

it may not meet the highdemand. So Onekin produces a new kind of light fireproof Grade A1 panel made ofnon-combustible materials with super soundproof up to 51 dB.

Why our panel can replace concrete, sandwich  etc panels?

Concrete panel is widely used inconstruction filed, but in recent years, many customers showed feedback to us,concrete panel is very heavy and it is really tough to install,

and cost morelabor cost and transportation fee, while it makes the construction periodlonger and some buildings can not apply in market quickly.What more, its performance can not meet the requirment 

of high quality buildings, such as:commercial buildings, luxury apartment etc. So our panel can help our customers solve these problems. And our 120 mm thickness panel can replace 150mm concrete panels

 which save your inner space.

Why our panel’s fireproof IS Grade A?

Onekin light panel is made of fireproofmaterials Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride to keep panel noncombustableat 800℃ and nosmoke at 1200℃ .

Why our panel can reach 51 dB ofsoundproof?

Onekin light panel is made of hollow core design, it can disperse the sound outside via the core in the middle, so it can keep your environment quiet. It is test through ASTM.


Super performance for our panel  (90mmthickness)

1.      Soundprood: 51 dB with ASTM certificate

2.      Compressive strength: 4.4Mpa with ASTM certificate

3.      Flexural strength: 0,492 Mpa with ASTM

4.      Lightweight: 45kg/m2, lighter than cement, blockand AAC,EPS

5.      Fast install: 50m2/day/worker

6.      Save cost 30%: in labor, transportation and foundation

7.      Increase innner space: cement panel  needs 100mm thickness, but our panel 90mm is enough

8.      Energy saving: 80% lower thermal conductivity inair-condition

9.      Make sure for quality with certificate of TUV,SGS,ASTM,COC, CE,ISO9001,CANS



Different thickness for different application, it is just reference according to previous projects, real thickness is based on your requirement of function.

 wall system  thickness of panel
 interior  90/100mm
 exterior   120/150/200mm
 partition  100/120mm


Avaliable structure & stories of our light panel

Our light panel can apply in various structure of house, so you can use in many buildings, such as: commercial buildings, prefab house, villa, residential house, apartment, school, and factory fence etc.

Steel structure for middle and lowrise-buildings

Concrete structure for high-rise buildings

Wooden structure for low-rise buildings

No structure for one storey




Our panel already won love in most MiddleEast countries for its lightweight and fast installation and the clean spot after installation

it saves cost and easy to clean the places and shorten theconstruction period. And our panel’s high fireproof can keep them cool insummer 

and warm in winter inside room , so they love our panels.

          university in Palestine


     Oman Stuff Dormitory


Our network

We have agents and branch office in some countries, so it can guarantee our after-service and keep rights of our agents.

We aim to offer more high quality with super fireproof soundproof panel to bring our customers more benefit.


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