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Customize Fire resistant MGO wall panel

Customize Fire resistant MGO wall panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • fireproof: Grade A1  4 hours
  • thermal conductivity: 0.1739w/mk
  • sound insulation: 51 dB
  • design: hollow core foam
  • compressive strength: 5.56Mpa
  • life span: over 70 years

Customize Fire resistant MGO wall panel


What kind of wallpanel we have?


*  High density & compressive strength to make it life span over 70 years

*  Precast size to meet your need

*  High fire rate Grade A1, can last 4 hours

*  Green100%free of asbestos / formaldehyde/ toxicant elements

*  Lighter than concrete and cement panel, save your cost in transportation and labor



What advantages our panel have to replace concrete and cement panel?

Compared with concrete and cement panel,Onekin green panel is lighter

 and faster installation to save you much cost inlabor and transportation

Fast installation: 50m2/day/worker

Lightweight: 45kg/m2

Cost saving 30% in labor and transportation

The 5 Star Hotel is the best example



Compared with concrete and cement panel,Onekin green panel can use 

less thickness in your building and increase yourinner space.

Increase inner space 10%

shorten construction time

The shopping mall is the best example


Packing and delivery time

we use steel belt and pallet to pack and will arrange shippment 

soon after 15 days of payment .

What accessories you need in your installation? 

We offer spot installation guidance if youhave some confusion and you 

just need fewer accessories, so it also shows thatit is very easy to install.


Contact me for more info

Dear customers, if you have some worry and problems in your current 

building mateials because of the heavy weight and slow installation, if you 

want to save much cost in labor and transportation,welcome to choose 

our lighter, faster, safer, healthier wall panel.




Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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