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Easy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa useEasy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa useEasy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa use

Easy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa use

  • Lightweight:1/3 of cement panel
  • Fire rate:Grade A1 up to 4 hours
  • Soundproof: 51dB
  • Hollow core: easy wire and pipes
  • Cost saving 30%: in labor, transportation, reduce foundation, increase inner space
  • Application:interior, exterior, partition wall, fireproof wall
  • Features:
  • Sandwich panel alternative
  • Easy surface treatment sandwich alternative panel
  • Easy surface treatment panel for hotel villa use
  • Replace sandwich panel for hotel villa use with easy surface treatment

 Easy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa use

Why easy surface treatment sandwich panel alternative for hotel villa use appear?

To avoid the tough second mortar and easy decoration for your house, Onekin offers one kind of panel with one side is smooth and customers can save time in decoration 

and we aim to replace sandwich panel because sandwich is heavy and slow installation, you may cost much money in labor and transportation,especially for some high-rise 

building and commercial buildings, such as: shopping mall, hotel and so on, it coat much time in construction process if you install slowly, so our panel may help you solve this problem.because it is lightweight and fast installation.


What value our panel brings for you ?

1. Fireproof & heat resistance: up to 4 hours (according to thickness)

Ourpanel has super fire rate of 4 hours tested by TUV, ASTM,etc. In hot places, itcan help you keep away from heat inner space,so it is very helpful

2. lightweight: 1/3 of cement panel

Ourpanel is new design and innovation technology to reduce its weight,even one strong man can move,so it saves yours cost budget in labor, transportation,foundation and increase inner space of your house.

3. fast installation:50m/day/worker

Our panel’s joint connection is very easy and also easy to apply wire and pipes through its hollow core design in the middle of panel, you do not need groove the hole in the wall and keep your house strong.


4. easy second decoration

Our panel oneside surface is smooth, you do not need to plaster again after installation,you can coat directly and do other decoration.so it save your much time and money.

5. Soundproof: 51dB

Our panels bring you quiet environment and keep away from noise for high sound insulation up to 51dB.

5. Green: no asbestos& formaldehyde & radioactivity & toxicant

Our panelis made of recycled and inorganic materials, so bring you healthy living condition.


Application& projects


1)     steels tructure used for middle & low rise building

2)     concrete structure used for high-rise building

3)     wooden structure

4)     interior,exterior , partition wall

90/100mm for interior wall (just for reference,real thickness according to your requirement of fireproof,soundproof, and others function)

120/150/200mm for exterior wall

120/150mm partition wall  


Customers from Australia, Palestine,Oman, Jordan, Singapore,Korea,Vietnam and other countries show us good feedback for 

its super performance in its weight, installation,fireproof function,soundproof function etc. So good quality in the construction projects 

are the base we care and we have built long business cooperation relationship with them for our quality and service.




Guarantee& After service ensure your protection

·        we stress the quality: strict control of raw material,process and after mass product

·        we stress the certification: CE,ASTM,COC,TUV,SGS, ISO9001,CANS

·        we stress the customer: full range of shipping & installation service,timely feedback 


T & G connection

1.    useu-shape clips to connect the two panels

2.    use nailsto fix in both sides of panels

3.    use cement,mortar and glue podwer mixed with water to fill the connection between two panels

4.    use fiberglass mesh in the connection to strength two panels


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