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Eco-friendly fire rate Grade A1 precast house panel

Eco-friendly fire rate Grade A1 precast house panel

  • Size:2200-6000*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Design:hollow core
  • Fire rate: GradeA1, up to 4 hours
  • Soundproo:51dB
  • Lighter;than AAC, air block, cement
  • MOQ:400m2
  • Packing: steel belt, plywood pallet
  • Delivery time:15 days after payment
  • Green: no asbestos, formaldehyde,toxicant
  • Key words:
  • Eco-friendly precast house panel
  • Feco-friendly precast house panel with fire rate Grade A1
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  • Eco-friendly fire rate Grade A1 panel for precast house

Eco-friendly fire rate GradeA1 preccast house panel

With the care of health attentioned by more and more people, our customers need to have a green and healthy living condition. So Onekin appears and aims to produce the inorganic panel with super fire rate Grade A1 to show our customers new type and healthy panel.

Why our panel is Grade A1 in fire rate?

Onekin green panel is made of fireproof materials Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride to keep panel noncombustable at 800℃ and no smoke at 1200℃.

     Magnesium Chloride             Magnesium Oxide              


Why our panel is green?

Onekin green panel is made of inorganic paterials plant fiber and fly ash to keep our panel healthy to live, and no asbestos, formaldehyde toxicant with TUV SGS ASTM certofication

        fiber plant                          fly ash


Why our panel is prefabricated?

To meet different buildings in different house styles, onekin offers the precast panel with length from 2200 – 6000mm, and thickness from 75-200mm. So our customers can get the proper size according to their requirment.

Super performance for our pane  (90mm thickness)

1.       Soundprood: 51 dB with ASTM certificate

2.       Compressive strength: 4.4Mpa with ASTM certificate

3.       Flexural strength: 0,492 Mpa with ASTM

4.       Lightweight: 38kg/m2, lighter than cement, block and AAC,EPS

5.       Fast install: 50m2/day/worker

6.       Save cost 30%: in labor, transportation and foundation

7.       Increase innner space: cement panel for partition needs 150mm, but our panel 120mm is enough

8.       Energy saving: 80% lower thermal conductivity in air-condition

9.       Make sure for quality with certificate of TUV, SGS,ASTM,COC, CE,ISO9001,CANS


Different thickness for different application, it is just reference according to previous projects, real thickness is based on your requirement of function.

Interior wall: 90/100mm

Exterior wall:120/150/200mm

Partition wall: 100/120mm


Our panel is suitable for various structure of house, so you can use in many buildings, such as: commercial buildings, prefab house, villa, residential house, apartment, school, and factory fence etc.

Steel structure for middle and low rise-buildings

Concrete structure for high-rise buildings

Wooden structure for low-rise buildings

No structure for one storey


Installation and packing

Our panel is easy to install with hollow core design through its tougue and groove. So it can save you much labor cost and do not need dig holes in the walls.Keep your wall strong and complete. We use belt steel and plywood pallet to pack the panels, and will deilvery as soon as possible.


Our panel already won love in most Middle East countries and countries around us for its lightweight and fast installation and the clean spot after installation, it saves cost and easy to clean the places.And now we aim to open wider market and hope more custoners can enjoy the lighter, faster, healthier, easier panel and bring them more benefits.




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