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Exterior wall material Onekin green wall panel for different houses

Exterior wall material Onekin green wall panel for different houses

  • Exterior wall thickness: 150mm, 200mm or double layer 90mm, some place also use 120mm
  • Usage: exterior wall partition, not for load bearing
  • House of structure: H steel or light steel, cement concrete, wood
  • Waterproof: low water absorption rate but not totally waterproof materials, need waterproof treatment for external use.
  • Treatment for external: external wall cladding, ceramic, external wall putty and paint, cement concrete.

Onekin green wall for special exterior wall use, its part of the wall system, as it is the main partition like brick and other structure wall, so no need as waterproof as the gaps between panels are directly to internal, to make it waterproof just to add the cost and in construction, you should do waterproof again as the gaps are there.

Onekin green wall panel is a partition wall, not cladding wall, it can be used together with a waterproof cladding wall. There is no need to plaster the wall also if for external, but should use special external wall putty and paint, not the putty mark both external and internal, since this kind of putty are not high quality at all. If you cant bough this putty in your market, we can load them for you in the panel wall container and it is not expensive in China, with very good waterproof performance.

For high building external wall construction of our Onekin light weight partition wall, we use manual truck and big machine for help, with very fast speed, if you want an external wall construction for high building, please send an inquiry through the page anywhere you can.


Water absorption rate

Sound insulation

Weight (Kgs/m2)













Light steel but still very strong, 4000N hung strength, can load the cupboard and air conditioner easily, and with good screw holding. The hollow part free the drilling work for pipes and wires.

It is easy to cut and joint, so no need to worry the windows and doors parts.

If your labor cost is very cheap, you can send a inquiry also to the sales, lily@Onekingreoup.com, to make a special loading to less your price much.



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