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External lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for DubaiExternal lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for DubaiExternal lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai

External lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai

  • new design: hollow core- easy wire, pipe
  • lightweight: 45 kg/m2
  • fast construction: 50 m2/day/man
  • high nailing strength
  • fireproof: 4 hours
  • cost saving 30% wall panels
  • water absorption: 22%

External lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai

Although there are diversity buildings around the world,the trends of nowadays are high rise buildings,and because of this,to transfer those construction materials is high demanding for the crane.And lighter material is the contractor’s favorite point,and interior lightweight concrete wall panel for Dubai is one of them.

Product information

Why Onekin panel is lightweight?
1.Raw materials
Onekin Interior lightweight concrete wall panel replacement is made from mgo and mgcl2,and from the chemical formula,the smart you would found that it will lighter than concrete wall panel.

2.Foaming technology
Since used foaming additive,the Interior lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai would become lighter.There you must have questions:is this can ensure the strength of the panel?
Onekin panel’s compressive strength is from 3.9MPa to 5.56Mpa,that is because the MgO·MgCl2·10H2O is adhesive material,so even foamed,it still has high strength.

3.Hollow core design
This design not only make Interior lightweight concrete wall panel replacement lightweight,also it is easy to install the electricity and water pipe,that is why it is popular among installer.

What are the advantages of lightweight?
1.Fast installation
When workers install the panel,the lighter panel would make their installation work easy.For example,one worker can hold 100mm thickness panel by himself.

The picture is installer is backing interior lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai .

The T&G design also speed up the installation process.

2.Transport efficiency
For the car and shipping,one container can load more panels and also for worker transfer in the same floor.
For the crane,it can also load more and improve the efficiency on the construction site.


3.Reduce the foundation
When design the building,especially some sky scrapers,just 1/5 weight of bricks can save a lot labor and energy,because when design the building,the shallow depth make the whole foundation work less and easy.

What onekin can do for you?
Provide professional advice
When design the building,Onekin architects are welcome to provide you our design advice,and also our structural engineers would provide you our installation advice.And the the professional sales would also make sure your ideas would come true.

Full range of after services
If necessary,our installation team would  do the after services locally.Onekin now have already went to Fuji,Nauru,Singapore,Palestine and Vietnam,etc.


Customized services
The chemical engineers and structural engineers can provide you our services to help you design the customized panel to be most suitable for the building,and make the installation and decoration easier at the beginning.

Rich experience in foreign trade
Onekin already have 8 years in Foreign trade business,including arrange the shipping ,payment,customs clearance documents,etc.

R&D Center
For every batch of raw materials,onekin would do several trials first to ensure the activity of the mgo to decide the ratio of raw material.

Onekin daily production capacity is about 200pcs interior lightweight concrete wall panel replacement for Dubai,and we can also add moulds for extra orders,so always can meet the requirement of the big project,especially when contractor need to catch the deadline,Onekin panel can not only save your installation time,but also the delivery time.


Customers visiting
Onekin always have a good relationship with our customer,and welcome to visit Onekin office and factory.And since Onekin in Chengdu,also glad that you will enjoy the hotpot.


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