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Fast installation and lightweight prefabricated panelFast installation and lightweight prefabricated panelFast installation and lightweight prefabricated panel

Fast installation and lightweight prefabricated panel

  • Water absorption: 22%
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.17w/km
  • Lightweight: replace concrete, 1/3 weight of concrete
  • Type: hollow core
  • Fireproof: up to 4 hours
  • Fast install: 50m2/day/man
  • Production: 100000m2/month

Fast installation and lightweight prefabricated panel


Precast panel is used for residential and commercial buildings. The efficiency, durability, ease, cost effectiveness, and sustainable properties of precast AAC lightweight partition wall panel has brought a revolutionary shift in the time consumed in construction.


Since construction industry is a huge energy consuming industry, precast lightweight partition wall panel will continue to be more energy efficient than its counterparts. The wide range of designs, colors, and structural options also make themselves a favourable choice for contractors.

The advantage of Fast installation and lightweight perfabricated wall panel


1. Lighter
Just 1/6 weight of the brick and which require much less labor and scaffolding.

Its outstanding durability make the wall less maintaining,the short construction period reduce great deal of managing time.

3.Energy saving
The thermal insulation of 100mm thickness Fast installation and lightweight perfabricated wall panel lightweight partition wall panel is just 0.17w/mk,because of this,100mm is the equivalent of 300mm 300mm clay tile wall. 

4. Efficiency
Fast installation and lightweight perfabricated wall panel is designs are often customized to different application,and the precast technology lead to the rapid construction.

5.Space saving
90mm Fast installation and lightweight perfabricated wall panel performance is over 150mm thickness hollow block wall.

6.Environmental protection
   No asbestos,no heavy metal,no formaldehyde,insect-resistant and mildewproof.

7. Anti-vibration
The design of the panel make it stable,and it can be well-connected,so when earthquake happen,the precast AAC lightweight partition wall panel would hard to be damaged.And the precast panel can also form an emergency triangle if the earthquake is severe.

Onekin always try to provide better services to our customer,and with the test reports and certificate are easy for the contractor or distributor to import the panel.

Now Onekin precast AAC lightweight partition wall panel going global projects,like following projects in Australia.

Our factory around the harbor,so Onekin can always shorten our delivery time and try our best to make your projects start early.

After sales services
Onekin provide full-range of services,like the designer suggestion and installation guidance,if you have any question,please contact us without hesitation.

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