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Fireproof MgO Board High-Strength LightweightFireproof MgO Board High-Strength LightweightFireproof MgO Board High-Strength LightweightFireproof MgO Board High-Strength LightweightFireproof MgO Board High-Strength LightweightFireproof MgO Board High-Strength Lightweight

Fireproof MgO Board High-Strength Lightweight

  • Raw material:MgO/MgCl2/Fiberglass Mesh
  • Color:White/Dark Brown/Light Brown/More
  • Standard Size:1220*2440mm/1200*3050mm(Customized Available)
  • Thickness:3mm-30mm
  • Application:
  •         Interior Wall Decoration/Fireproof Board/Ceiling/Roof/Floor
  • Fire Resistance:0.6-2 hours
  • Features:Waterproof/Sound Insulation
  • Certificates:CE/TUV/SGS/ASTM

Fireproof MgO Board High-Strength Lightweight



1. What is Onekin MgO Board


Onekin green board is a fire proof and a thermal insulation building material.

It's raw materials include magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fiberglass mesh,non-woven fabric etc. lt can be used for interior or exterior applications in residential house, villa, sound studios, schools, public areas, movie theatres, shopping centers and any area where the fireproof function required.


It's a good example of the advances made in construction materials to meet changes in building codes for safety and durability



2. Structural Composition of Onekin MgO Board


1.Facial surface layer 
2.Fiberglass mesh, which makes the board durable and stable
3.Filler layer(including magnesium cementing agent,perlite and wood chips)
4.Fiberglass mesh
5.Non-woven fabric with magnesium slurry

3. Application of Onekin MgO Board


Onekin green board is widely used primarily as wallboard alternative to conventional gypsum-based drywall. It can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled,and fastened to steel frame.

It's widely used for all residential, commercial,industrial. and institutional construction, such aswall and ceiling linings, exterior cladding, soffits,tile backing and floring underlay.



4. Main Performance of Onekin MgO Board


(1) Fireproof

The main raw material for Onekin green board is magnesium oxide, which is a non combustible material. According to our CE standard EN 12476:2012, Reaction to fire for Onekin green board is Grade A1.

This means that Onekin green board does not burn and it's rated with zero flame spread and zero smoke spread.

Also during fire accident Onekin green board actually releases water that is chemically bound within the board.Furthermore, Onekin green board is noncombustible of Class A Building Material and could be 4 hours fire,rating wall system.

(2) Eco-Friendly

Onekin green board does not contain any organic solvents,formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have negative impact on the environment and waterways. As such, sawdust from Onekin green board can safely be disposed of in landills. Off-cuts of our board can be reground and reused back at the production factory.

It is a better environmental alternative of gypsum drywall and cement backer boards for walls, floors and counter tops.

Also the production process is nature conservation, low energy consumption, no sewage material and energy efficiency because of the raw material is mainly natural plant fiber.


(3) Water Resistant


The product  allows for long-term exposure to a moist environment. Test results prove that after this material has been immersed in water for one month, and according to our national standard, Percentage of water swelling is less than0.6%.

 It will- not swell, delaminate, warp, or disintegrate when exposed to a wet environment. Remarkably,  it is also impermeable to water and this allows the board to be used as a wall-board in construction where breathable walls are specified.

5. Quality Control of Onekin MgO Board

We are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by delivering world-class quality products and services through continuous improvements and innovations.

Our quality management system includes Pre-Production Inspection for raw materials, In-Process Quality Control, Container Loading Supervision(Pre-Shipment Inspection).

We have a strong system for trace ability and immediate status control to make our production efficient, providing feedback to the product development process.




Processing & Packing of Onekin MgO Board




6. Project Reference with Onekin MgO Board






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