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Fireproof and lightweight door core for wood door or steel doorFireproof and lightweight door core for wood door or steel door

Fireproof and lightweight door core for wood door or steel door

  • size: 2100*900*30~60mm
  • density: 280kgs/m3~500kgs/m3
  • Flexural strength: ≥8Mpa
  • Compressive strength: 0.35~0.8Mpa
  • Thermal conductivity: ≤0.035~0.076w/m*k
  • Water Absorption: ≤10%
  • Fire rating time: 0.6-2h

  Fireproof and lightweight door core for wood door or steel door


1. Why do you choose our products?


First of all, our company has been engaged in the environmental protection building materials industry for more than ten years and has a good reputation and reputation.


Secondly, our products are the best substitutes for traditional building materials.Our products are environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free.


Finally, our products in the quality assurance at the same time, try to save customer costs, the implementation of the principle of customer first.


2. What are the advantages of our product?






60min, 38mm

       32mm(MGO board on both sides) 

90min, 46mm

       41mm(MGO board on both sides)

120min, 50mm

       46mm(MGO board on both sides)







          You can also adjust the weight and thickness according to the time you need to set fire to minimize your cost and save your cost as much as possible.Isn't this the best service for customers?


Low water absorption.








3. Why is our product trustworthy?





First, we have a professional test report.At the same time, you can adjust the density and weight of the door according to your requirements. Meet your greatest needs at the lowest cost.




Secondly, we have successful practice cases. This is the actual photo of the user feedback. It fits well with the board, no gaps.



4.How do we pack the door core?



We use pallets for loading and unloading convenience.

Generally, the consumption will not be too large, so the customer is recommended to use 20HQ. If the quantity is large, 40HQ is recommended.



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