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Steel structure

Steel structure

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Customers Feedback

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Onekin project

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Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufactureFireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufactureFireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufactureFireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufacture

Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufacture

  • Product name: Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel
  • Structure: Hollow core
  • Certificate:TUV Singapore CE ASTM
  • Application: Wood, steel and concrete structure
  • Benefits: thermal insulation, lightweight, precast technology
  • Key words:Fireproof hollow core design wall panel
  • Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel
  • Hollow core design weight light wall panel manufacture
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  • Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufacture

Fireproof hollow core design weight light wall panel manufacture


  Fireproof panel meets the requirements of the cabinet, adapts to the special environment in the kitchen, and caters to the development trend of the combination of “beautiful and practical” cabinets. 
  At the same time, it is widely used in hotels, schools, and big mall. 
  The use of fireproof panels is an increasingly new type of material, so fireproof panels occupy a certain dominant position in the market.

Fire rating to 164min:

  The fireproof design of the building aims to prevent the building from collapsing and the spread of fire in the event of a fire, guaranteeing the safety of people’s refuge and minimizing the loss of property. 
Therefore, the choice of building materials is particularly important. Fire rating of 164 minutes for Onekin 100mm green panel, 
which can be widely used in KTV, hotels and schools.

Heat insulation:

  Onekin green fireproof panel has a good sound insulation effect, better sound insulation than other traditional brick walls. 
 its manufacturing process also allows it to have a good thermal insulation function.
 It maintains a constant temperature in the hot and cold seasons, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical countries.


 Onekin green fireproof hollow core design wall panel is totally dry in construction and it belongs to assembly type construction. 
The installation is not only simple and quick, but also can be cut and adjusted arbitrarily. 
It is very flexible, so the material loss rate is low, the cost is saved and the construction waste is reduced. It is very economical.


  Onekin green panel body is a three-in-one structure, which has strong impact resistance, and it is anchored by a steel structure method. 
The strength is extremely high. Therefore, the body is also very well represented on a partition wall with a large height and a large span. It is compact in structure and good in integrity. It has the advantages of non-deformation, looseness, and earthquake resistance, and it can be divided into interior walls and exterior walls, which can expand the space of houses.

1, outdoor use

  At present, lightweight partition panel is mainly applied to building walls in the outdoors, such as reinforced concrete walls, wood structures, steel structures, etc. 
Also used in building roof insulation system, such as steel plate roof insulation, cold storage insulation, floor insulation and other fields.

2, indoor use

  Lightweight partition panel is also a good wall material for interior decoration. 
It can be used in office, business, residential buildings, such as homes, rooms, corridors, and kitchen interior partitions.

Onekin factory

  In addition to the delicate production process, the storage of the onekin green panel is also very important. 
  Each batch of plates needs to be cooled and dried after demoulding. In the face of huge production, onekin certainly needs to have a enough space for storage.
  Onekin factory covers an area of about 18000 square meters, including panel producing department, foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory.

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