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Foam concrete replacement, lower your construction cost

Foam concrete replacement, lower your construction cost

  • Brand: ONEKIN
  • Product name: low cost foam concrete wall panel replacement
  • Delivery time: 15 days after payment
  • MOQ: 40HQ
  • design: T&G and hollow core
  • usage:alternative to foam concrete
  • Standard Size: 2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Length: 2200~9000mm
  • key words: foam concrete price
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Foam concrete replacement, lower your construction cost
   Foam concrete, also known as foamed concrete, foamcrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete. It consists of a slurry of cement and fly ash or sand and water, use those raw materials mix with foam agent so that it can be more lightweight than traditional concrete. The cost of using foam concrete is reduced because it’s lightweight performance.

   Now I gonna introduce a new building materials for you as a alternative to foam concrete: Onekin low cost foam concrete wall panel alternative. Which is lightweight than foam concrete and don’t has the shortage of foam concrete ---- Cracking and water absorption.

How does our foam concrete wall panel replacement 

   Foam concrete is made by concrete and foaming agent, our new wall panel is made by magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, during the production, there are chemical reaction between the two raw materials, and this is the reason why our panel can avoid the shortage of foam concrete. Increased the strength of it.

   Today I’m not gonna just compare the prices on foam concrete, but show you how does our precast foam concrete wall panel alternative can save cost for you.

1. Faster installation
  As the below picture shows, foam concrete replace has T & G design at two side, this design can make installation more easier. One skilled worker can install 40m2 per day. With faster speed, it can save your time on the construction and help you get rapid payback.

2. Lighter weight
  Our replacement of foam concrete use hollow core design, which make it lighter than other building materials, in that case, you can save transportation cost and labor cost; hollow core can make pipe line & electrical lines installation easier, save you from complicated channel design.

3.Energy saving
  The key of energy saving is the low thermal conductivity of low cost foam concrete wall panel substitute. With thermal conductivity of 0.17w/mk, our foam concrete can save up to 80% energy.
   Except those advantages I have listed above, Onekin best price foam concrete wall panel substitute can provide more advantages to you:

Project of low cost foam concrete wall panel replacement 

   Since our foam concrete replacement has both high quality and low price, it can replace precast concrete and foam concrete very well. Due to  lightweight and precast, cheap price, fast installation and outstanding performance, it become a very popular building material in wall construction. Below shows the projects feedback from our Oman customers:


  As a supplier of green building materials, Onekin has years' experience can provide high quality wall panels and the best technical support. Our factory covers an area of about 18000 square meters, including panel production department, foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory. With 74 sets of production molds, the daily production capacity can be about 1500pcs, roughly 1000,000 square meters annually. Below show some molds in Onekin factory used to make foam concrete replacement.


Q: What is Onekin foam concrete replacement exactly?
A: Onekin wall panel is a new kind of building materials, which use magnesium oxide( which is a natural non-combustible materials), magnesium chloride, planter fiber, fly ash as raw materials. All the raw materials of our panel as you can see are green and inorganic materials, that is the reason why Onekin wall panels also called GREEN PANEL.

Q: How much can foam concrete replacement save of total cost?
A: Around 30% of total cost of project.

Q: Do you have any certificates?
A: Yes, we do. Onekin has work one green and ecological construction building materials for many years, we specialize in green construction industry, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of green panel as well as the related raw materials. We can provide certificates including ASTM, CE, TUV, CNAS etc.

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