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Foam concrete wall panels, best lightweight wall solutions?

Foam concrete wall panels, best lightweight wall solutions?

  • Brand:onekin
  • Delivery time:15 days after payment
  • design:T&G and hollow core
  • Standard Size:2800*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Certificates:TUV, ASTM, CE etc
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.17w/m.k
  • key words:foam concrete wall panels supplier
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Is foam concrete wall panels the lightweight wall solutions

Why choose Onekin over foam concrete wall panel?

  You may already know that the latest development in building partition or non-bearing wall are foam concrete wall panels. Foam concrete wall panel is widely used in building constructions, due to its light weight, thermal and heat insulation, sound insulation and fireproof features. But still, there is a shortcoming of foamed concrete wall panels. Foam concrete wall panels internal moisture may evaporates too quickly and causes volume shrinkage, resulting in surface cracking.

  Right now, we can provide a new building material to you, which has all advantages of foam concrete panels without its shortcoming: easy to crack.


Onekin is a china supplier of green wall system, we manufacture green wall panels which have good light weight, thermal and sound insulation, fireproof and heat insulation performance like concrete wall panel. In fact, we even have more advantages:

  •    With T & G design, our panel can be quick and easy to install. Even faster than foam concrete , can save more labor cost and construction time for you.
  •    With TUV, CE, ASTM marked, our panel instead of foam concrete panel is a durable solution for farm & industrial buildings.
  •    Our wall panels use magnesium oxide as raw materials, chemical reaction make our panel got high strength over foamed concrete panels.
  •    Onekin is a professional wall panels supplier, we have strict QC system.

What is Onekin wall panel? why it is a better choice than foam concrete wall panel?

  Onekin wall panel is a new building materials, This kind of new building materials is not like concrete foam wall panels, it doesnt use traditional concrete as raw materials. And it been called MgO wall panel --- because its use magnesium oxide( which is a natural non-combustible materials), magnesium chloride, planter fiber, fly ash as raw materials. As you can see, all the raw materials of our panel are green and inorganic materials, that is the reason why Onekin wall panels also called GREEN PANEL. Below shows a picture of  our panel carrying a AC. You can see that our panel has great nail-holding strength.


Where can I use it?

  Onekin mgo wall panels can be used in any place foamed concrete wall panels can be used. It can adopt all kinds of environment, and below is some application:

  •   High buildings
  •   Government housing project
  •   Prefab house
  •   Residential construction
  •   Single house
  •   The fence of factory
  •  Commercial buildings: shopping mall, hotel, office building
  •   Public construction, eg, hotels, hospitals, schools
  •  Also can paste on tiles and cement mortar

  Onekin wall panels can replace traditional precast foam concrete, foamed concrete paneling and clay bricks very well. Also the panels can easily cut, drilled, screwed when installing with fast speed due lightweight and precast. It use magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash and plant fiber as raw materials. Cheap price, fast installation and outstanding performance make it become a very popular building material in wall construction. As we have cooperated with people all over the world, there are many projects we had served. Below shows some projects feedback from our customers:


Company: A Chinese supplier of building materials 

  As a professional mgo wall panels supplier, we trying to manufacture the best quality lightweight concrete wall panels instead of foamed wall panels. Onekin is a manufacturer always follows the principle of “Customers first”, we cherish customers and always insist to providing the best products to them. Onekin group has focus on mgo products in many years. We have our own factory, research team and engineer to make sure our customers can get technical service and quality guarantee. Onekin lightweight wall panel can be your low cost wall solution over foam concrete panels.

Onekin Green Wall System

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