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Green wall panel for interior exterior and partition wallGreen wall panel for interior exterior and partition wallGreen wall panel for interior exterior and partition wall

Green wall panel for interior exterior and partition wall

  • 100% no asbestos
  • no radioacivity
  • free of mental

Green wall panel for interior exterior and partition wall

Natural material


The raw materials for our panel are green materials, according to national environmental test. It has no asbestos, no radioactivity, and also it does not contain formaldehyde. It is free of heavy metals and other harmful substances.


Easy to installation


Onekin green panel is lighter than any other traditional panels, such as cement block, concrete block, cement panel etc.

The weight is only 45kg/m2 for 100mm while the weight for the cement board is about 120-140kg/m2. As a result, it can lower structural load, reducing oversized foundation, the lintel beams and stiffener etc.

The lightweight panel with tongue and groove design enables 3-5 times faster installation compared with that of cement panel or bricks.

The panel can be easily sawn, cut, drilled and taped. For one skilled worker can install 40m2 per day.


Packing and storage

Packing 1:


Quantity of panels packed is based on the thickness of the panel. Generally for 100mm thickness panels, we pack 11 panels together, while 150mm panels are packed 7 or 8 pieces, in order to fully utilize the container space.

When loading, the forklift tongues are revised with a purpose of better loading panel with 5 steel tubes.


Packing 2:

Wooden pallet package is also adopted. Generally, according to present packing method, a 40HQ container can load 16 pallets. For 8 pallets height is 10cm and the rest in 3mm height because of the fixed height of container.




1.The bottom where the panels are set on has to be flat, and the height of the piled panels must not exceed 4 meters.

2.Try to avoid stacking panels in the open air without covering the waterproof tarpaulin. Without logged water conditions are recommended.

3.Panel shall be stacked in dry condition without leaking and seepage olace.

4.Should the panels be penetrated and soaked with water, please take all the wet panels into good ventilation storage place, and seperate all the wet panels pieces by pieces, until all of them are completely dry.



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