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High quality great performance sandwich lower cheap wall paneling interior

High quality great performance sandwich lower cheap wall paneling interior

  • compressive strength:4.4MPa
  • Sound insulation:51dB
  • flexural strength:0.492MPa
  • thermal transmission:0.0349w/m.k
  • fire resistance:more than 3 hours commercial partition wall
  • after-service:installation avaliable flexible
  • Labor efficiency:20-30m2 per day per labor / shorten construction period
  • increase using space:increase 20% using space
  • Heat insulation;Remarkable
  • Energy saving:No asbestos, No radiation, no radioactive

High quality great performance sandwich 

lower cheap wall paneling interior



Onekin magnesium oxide is a natural fireproof material, so the highly purified magnesium oxide is used as the main fireproof material,fly ash and plant fiber as filling materials, the high quality MgC12 as the main cementing material to solidify other materials.



Onekin wall panel is easy cut and sawn and taped. According to our customers feedback and experience, one worker can install about 40~50 square meters in one day. While it is only 5~7 squre meters for traditional bricks. With this installation speed, can shorten the whole project time 30%.


Usually we use pallet to package panels and would like to use 40ft. because our panel is lightweight. Using 40ft can loading many panels. There is no space left, can help you save much freight.




Magnesium oxide wall panel is very new to most of the market, but duo to it’s excellent to performance, many contractors are very prefer that lightweight and fast installation building materials.


If you want to know more infomation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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