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Hollow block replacement 120mm wall panel manufacturer ChinaHollow block replacement 120mm wall panel manufacturer China

Hollow block replacement 120mm wall panel manufacturer China

  • thickness: 120mm
  • application: replace 6 inch hollow block
  • material type: precast wall panel
  • standard size: 2800/2900*600
  • loading port: Tianjin port
  • delivery time: 20 days after advance payment
  • key words: Hollow block replacement manufacturer
  •            construction building materials supplier
  •            hollow block alternatives China
  •            6 inch hollow block replacement
Hollow block replacement 120mm wall panel manufacturer China

Are you still use traditional materials for your project? May you wonder why others are using new building materials? Together with Onekin, you may find the answer on your own.

Lets take hollow block & Onekin Green Panel as an example.

Customer Feedback


  Hollow block installation speed is slow, even with experience workers, they can manage 7 squre meters per day for installation. But with Onekin Green Panel, the installation can reach 40 square meters even for new workers.

  The reason is because Onekin Green Panel use the concept of precast concrete wall panels, it is easy cut and install, make installation faster and easier.

Water absorption

It is well known that if the construction wall material is with high water absorption, it means theres high possibility that the house is facing issue of wall leakage, especially after long time rains.

While hollow block water absortion is high, Onekin Green Panel can be used in high temperature & high humidity area. The excellent performance is because the whole product is made by chemical reaction, raw materilas are well bonded with each other.

You may would like to get to know more about hollow block replacement 120mm wall panel:

Product Basic Introduction



Product name

 hollow block replacement 120mm wall panel

Delivery time

20 days after payment




T&G and hollow core


 alternative for hollow block

Standard Size:




  Hollow Block replacement 120mm wall panel is a lightweight fireproof construction wall material, it is used widely in contruction buildings such as complex hotels, residential houses, shoppling mall wall partitions, KTV partitions, five star hotels interior & exterior walls.

  Due to the sidely usage, it is becoming more and more popular among contractors, project developers ect.

120mm wall panel  Performance

- fast installation: with installation speed 40~50 square meters per day per worker. While hollow block can reach only 7 square meters

- low water absorption: due to low water absorption, Onekin panel can be used in high humidity & high temperature area. also can be used in bathrooms.

- fireproof grade A1: fire retard 4 hours.

- high strength: can hang a air condition with any problem

Onekin Company Introduction

  Onekin is a group company concentrating on eco-friendly constrution building materials. With head office located in Chengdu, the research center is located in Chengdu too. While factory is in Tianjin, which makes it easy for production and transportation.

  Onekin has certificate such as ASTM, TUV, CE ect, to make sure customers use hollow block replacement 120 wall panel without any worry.

  Also, we provided full set of after-sales service, so that customers can get proper guidance on the transportation & installation, no matter if they are end user or not.

Onekin Green Panel

Economical Solutions 



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