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Hollow core fast installation concrete substitute lightweight panelHollow core fast installation concrete substitute lightweight panelHollow core fast installation concrete substitute lightweight panel

Hollow core fast installation concrete substitute lightweight panel

  • Hollow core fast installation concrete substitute lightweight panel
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Fast Installation: 50m2/day/worker
  • Design: hollow core
  • Lighter than concrete, block panels
  • Fireproof: Grade A1 4 hours
  • Production ability: 50000 m2/month
  • Delivery time: 15 days after payment
  • Life span: over 70 years
  • Concrete substitute panel
  • Lightweight fast installation panel replace concrete
  • Concrete substitute panel with hollow core design
  • Replacement of concrete panel save your labor cost for lightweight and fast install
  • Lightweight hollow core fast installation concrete substitute panel

Hollow core fast installation concretesubstitute lightweight panel


Onekin is a Chinese panel manufacture company mainly to offer our customers lightweight and hollow core design Mgo panel. 

Why we start to produce the new type hollow core design? Because it can reduce the weight of panel itself, and it has super fireproof and soundproof through the air in the middle core, 

foam construction makes our panel lightweight and we also use cementing and strength material to make sure the high density. So compared with concrete panel, 

it is lighter and faster to install,and bring our customers convenience to wire and pipe therough the core in the middle of panel.


Detail images of our light panel

Hollow core in the middle of the panel can really reduce many problems of digging hole again which does damage to wall and the holes in the middle also can 

keep stable of the panels and make great efficiency to increase fireproof and soundprood and fast installation.

Super Performance brings your houseunexpected experience

Fireproof : GradeA1 up to 4 hours

Lightweight: 40kg/m2

Fast install: 50/m2/day/worker


Compressive strength: 45.56 Mpa

Thermal resistance: 0.5712m2k/w

Soundproof: 51 dB


Certificate to ensure protection

Certificate to make sure quality and bring convenience to our customers’ usage in local places, show them protection and they 

trust us from our customers’ feedback.


Application in various style ofbuildings 

lightweight and fast installation makes our panel applied in many construction projects, such as: commercial buildings,shopping mall, hotels 

and university .and we also do singel house ,prefab house,residential house and villas abroad.



After-service and guidance to supportour customers

Our customers choose us not only for our quality and lightweight , fast installation, but also our after-service makesthem ease and they do not worry about any confusion about the installation.

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