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How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight fireproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight fireproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight fireproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight fireproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall 

How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight fireproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall 

  • brand:onekin
  • performance:4 hours fire rated wall panel
  • specification:2900*600*100mm
  • application:internal 4 hours fire rated wall panel
  • building type:high rise or low rise building
  • customization is available
  • raw materials:mgo,mgcl2,,fly ash,fiber
  • other name:lightweight 4 hours fire rated wall panel
  •            heatproof 4 hours fire rated wall panel
  •            soundproof 4 hours fire rated wall panel

How can Onekin 100mm thicknss lightweight firproof wall panel replace tradition bricks 100mm wall 


The London fire,California fire and Italy fire,etc. Fire resistant become a concerned topic these days. No matter how quick the action you take ,you cannot avoid the loss or disaster. It is really worth noted that the Dubai skyscraper fire happened in this August do not get any casualties,cause they use the fireproof wall panel.

Also constructor find new precast hollow core fireproof materials have much great performance when comapre with traditional bricks, especially in fast installation and labor costs saving.

How can Onekin lightweight wall panel is you beest choose to repalce bricks? Please reference below products information:

Product information

Raw materials
wall panel is mainly made from mgo----magnesuim oxide,which is a natural fireproof materials.In addition,it is super light than other construction materials.


Length: 2200-3500mm

Width: 600mm

Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm

Please Onekin wall paenl is customization, used precast hollow core design. easy to install pipe and line. 

Compare with tradition bricks,  the specific improvment, make Onekin wall panel suitable for all kinf of sreucture design.


Onekin wall panel perforamnce

Fire resistant

Onekin 4 hours fire rated wall panel now get the TUV and ASTM test report,and also the COC for the whole Middle East civil defense.For the 90mm thickness panel can over 133mins fire resistance(TUV test).In addition,it can be non-combustible at 800℃ and remains flameless at 1200℃.


The weight of 90mm thickness wall panel is just 42kg/㎡,and the installers tend to use our panels a lot,since it can save their construction time and made them make more money.

Also lightweight means large loading quantity, it has large 40ft container loading quantity, i can help you save much sea freight and landtransportatio fees.

Moreover,they do not need to suffer from the backache or legs hurt anymore,since there is no need for them to Stoop or squat to install the panel for a long time.


In the Vietnam or Singapore, where the humidity and temperature is high,the building always required moistureproof construction materials to avoid the potential safety hazard,like crack.

Good news is that all onekin lightweight wall panel add the moistureproof powder and it is a great construction material used in the hot place.


Onekin 4 hours fire rated wall panel can be used as interior wall panel,external partition wall and also the exterior wall,for the 90mm thickness panel,it always be used as internal wall.

The project from the picture is the Oman staff dormitory used onekin 90mm fire rated wall panel,according to the contractor,they said that after they used our panel,the construction site is clear and is also a great heatproof wall panel,which can save energy drastically.


To meet more customers’ meet and provide the better services to our clients,Onekin as the 4 hours fire rated wall panel manufacturer,Onekin improve ourselves Constantly.With the new tube drawing system,Onekin can produce 120000㎡ every month,and can even add equipment to increase the output.

Provide professional suggestion

Builders sometimes would struggle with which size to choose or how to install the panel,for these questions, Onekin have the experienced engineers to solve your problem.If you have any question,you can contact us right now,or the FAQ will help you.

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