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Ideal building material environmental protection wall panel manufacture

Ideal building material environmental protection wall panel manufacture

  • Brand name: Onekin
  • Color: White
  • Main material: Magnesium Oxide
  • Usage:wall system with steel/wood structure
  • Standard size: 2800*600*90/100/120mm
  • Advantages: fireproof,water resistant
  • Key words: environmental protection wall panel manufacture
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Ideal building material environmental protection wall panel manufacture

What is environmental protection wall panel- Onekin green panel?

Environmental protection wall panel means the material is green and good for the environmental,others would be achieve energy saving,space saving.Onekin is focusing on green building material for many years,and we have many different types of green panel for you choosing.(2200~3600 mm x 600 mm x 75/90/100/120/150/200 mm,other sizes would be okay)

Onekin green panel starts from the raw material:main material Magnesium Oxide reacts and bonds with Magnesium Chloride by chemical,and when production,the panel manufactured from naturally occurring minerals,so it would not have a negative impact on the environment and waterways.

We can easily see the panel adopts hollow core design according to below picture.Please note that our hollow core diameter has two size: 40/60 mm,40mm for the thickness of 75/120mm,while 60mm for 90/100/150/200mm thickness.Tongue & Groove design is another feature of the panel,we try a lot ways to achieve efficient installation,T & G design especially help in this situation.

Where to use Onekin green panel?

It can be used as interior or exterior wall partitions,flooring system and roof system in house building,which has many advantages,such as fireproof,heat and sound insulation,waterproof,light weight but high strength,very convenient for wire and pipe to built in,and very suitable for the area including factory,work shop,warehouse etc.

What performances the panel has?
1.light weight(hollow core design)
Light weight would save much cost in transportation and save much time in installation,short the construction period.

2.Fireproof(non-combustible material)
According to the test result by the third party,the panel has excellent fireproof performance.So high fireproof requirement area we are much recommend it.

3.heat insulation and energy saving
Thermal conductivity for Onekin green panel is 0.16~0.17W/(m.K),it is heat insulation material,and energy saving.

4.easy to cut and install
The panel can be cut easily by a cutting machine,and simple installation,more information we can send an video to show how to cut and install.

5.environmental protection
We ensure our panel material is green,without any asbestos,and free of heavy metals and harmful substances.

Project for you to know more

We are the manufacture of green wall panel,and now the panel are used in building projects around the world,more and more customers know us and the panel,and give many positive feedbacks to us.Here I would like to show one of our project as below for your reference.

About Onekin

Onekin has its own factory to produce environmental protection wall panel which with good quality,and Onekin provide the world-class services of better communication,shipping & packing ,after sale problem solving.We have professional teams to support you when you need us.

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