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Innovation panel as replacement for precast concrete fireproof & environment

Innovation panel as replacement for precast concrete fireproof & environment

  • Product name: fire rated precast concrete panel replacement
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Application: non-load bearing wall for high rise & low rise building
  • Benefits: fire rated, eco-friendly, heat insulation
  • Target market: Middle East
  • Key words: precast concrete alternatives
  •                    Precast concrete panel manufacturer
  •                    Fire rated precast panel wholesaler
  •                    China supplier for precast concrete panel
  •                    Environment precast concrete panel alternative
Innovation panel as replacement for precast concrete fireproof & environment

Background: As the modern building is in favor of concrete jungles, traditional wall materials are not meeting the requirement due to its high density & installation slow. Onekin engineer has found it and has working on precast conception for 18 years, and now he’s providing the brand new precast panel with innovation.

Onekin new precast panel introduction
Common size: 2800/2900*600 (customized available)
Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200

Appearance: smooth (needs no mortar, can do skin coat directly)
Connection: Tongue & Groove
Middle: hollow core (for better heat insulation, achieve environment)

Onekin new precast concrete panel innovation

Though Onekin panel called precast concrete, it is quite different from concrete penal, actually, it has innovations as below:
Raw material: Onekin panel has no cement at all, it use magnesium oxide as main raw material. Makes the new concept for precast panels.
Production: The production is totally depending on chemical reaction, it needs no electrical or pressure energy, the production process is totally environment.

Benefit from the innovation:
Fireproof: Onekin new precast concrete panel is fireproof because of the raw material, magnesium oxide itself is excellent fire rating material, it makes Onekin panel fire rated up to 4 hours.
Eco-friendly: Onekin new precast concrete panel is totally environmental, which is 100% asbetos free, no formaldehyde. It is also heat insulation, save cost 10%~30%.
High strength: chemical reaction makes the material well bonded with each other, it results in higher strength compared to conrete panels.

Based on the feedback from our customers, Onekin new panel also has benefits as:
save cost: 10%~30%
fast installation: shorten construction time 3 times.

Certification: TUV, ASTM, SGS

Onekin precast panel project reference
  As Onekin is a new precast concrete panel supplier, our products have been widely used in many countries, here attached high rise & low rise building as reference. For more projects, please contact our sales.

High rise buildings

Low rise buildings

Onekin new precast concrete panel packing
  Onekin pays high attention to the delivery & packing, we use pallet packing with foam protection on both sides. Also, we have constant feedback from customers, to improve our service and packing.

Onekin company introduction

  Onekin has an engineer with 18 years experience, to make formula test for every batch of raw material. Also, it is for researching new products, to provide better & cost effictive products to customers.

Onekin precast wall panel
wall construction

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