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Interior exterior partition durable panel lighter than AAC

Interior exterior partition durable panel lighter than AAC

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Lightweight :40 kg/m2
  • Fast installation: 50m2/day/worker
  • Life span:over 70 years
  • Design: hollow core
  • Cost saving 30%: in labor, transportation, foundation and beams
  • Features:
  • Durable lighter panel than AAC
  • Replace AAC panel for interior exterior partition wall
  • Lightweight durable panel with used in interior wall
  • Lightweight durable for interior exterior partition panel lighter than AAC

Interior exterior partition durable panel lighter than AAC


AAC has applied in many places inconstruction field, but according to our customers feedback that AAC panel iseasy to broken and the density is not so high. So they want to find some high desity panel and lighter panel to replace them in their building, in thatway they also can reduce some fee in trasnportation. And Onekin may help yousolve your problems, and we truly get good feedback from our customers in their lightweight ,fast installation and high strength.


What is Onekin panel which is lighter thanAAC ?

Our panel designed with hollow core andmade of lighter and fireproof materials with high density to help our customersdo the wire and pipe easily, and our panel can be used in many places in yourhouse, interior wall, exterior wall , partition wall are very suitable.


Raw materials: Mgo(fireproof material)

          MGC12(cementing material)

          Fly ash(recycle material)

          Plant fiber(strength material)



Why our panel is 1/3 lightweight ofcement,and lighter block etc?

Our panel just 40kg/m2 for 100mmthickness, while cement is about 120-140kg/m2. As a result, it can lowerstructural load, foundation, lintel beams and stiffer. And it can incresinner space and make your house wider.


Why our panel is high density?

We use strength and cementing materiasl to makesure our panel is high density at 550-600kg/m3 compared with AAC and EPSpanels. So it is more durable to last long life span over 70 years.


What performance our panel brings for you?

 Soundproof   51dB
 Fireproof  Grade A1
 Waterproof  22%
 Compressive strength  5.56Mpa
 Flxural strength 4.4Mpa
 Cost saving 20-30% in labor, tranportation,
 Lightweight 40kg/m2(100mm)Lightweight:40kg/m2(100mm)
 Fast installationL 50m2/day/worker


What kind of wall system to apply ourpanel?


Interior wallsystem —90/100mm tnickness isauitbale             

Exterior wall system —150/200mm for exterior wall

Partition wall —100/120mm is ok


Supported by 

concrete structure

Steel structure

Wooden structure

Application in : 

Prefab   house  

Villa   hotels

Factory  aprtment

schools  public buildings  commerial buildings



What certificate we have ?

To make sure all the quality and protectionof our customers’ convinience in application in local places, we have TUV,ASTM, CE,SGS, ISO, CANS,COC certificate and all the dates can be supported bycertificate.



Packing and loading

For our panel packing , we usually usesteel belt and plywood pallets, and we use 40HQ container to load the panels.Later, we will arrange shipment as soon as possible.



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