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Lightweight and energy saving wall panelLightweight and energy saving wall panelLightweight and energy saving wall panelLightweight and energy saving wall panel

Lightweight and energy saving wall panel

  • fireproof: 1-4 hours
  • fast installation: 45 m2/man/day
  • apply: exterior/interior/partition

Product introduction


About our company


Onekin company  is committed to environmental protection building materials industry for more than ten years, is the pioneer of this industry.At the same time, our products are the best substitutes for traditional building materials.Compared with other products, it has many advantages.Compared with other companies, it has a variety of testing certificates.Our products already have a place in many countries, such as east Philippines, Malaysia, maldives, Canada, South Korea and so on.



1. Lightweight


Onekin wall panel is about 45kgs/m3. It’s lighter than others building materials such as concrete brick. Because of this feature, significant cost savings can be achieved.


First of all, it is lighter than others board, so that it could save the freight.

Secondly, it is easy installation because of it is lightweight. Generally, one skilled worker could install 40m2 per day. Meanwhile, because ours panel is light, one worker could carry it. As such, it saves Labour and engineering time.

Finally, ours panel could help you save labor cost and freight, and could shorten project time. All in all, it could save cost 10% to 30%.

2. Energy saving

Thermal conductivity for Onekin green panel is 0.17w/mk, While regular cement panel is 0.66w/mk.

According to a Korean customer test, for the house built by green panel, electricity consumption is about 2kwh per day.

While for a regular cement panel house, it is about 10kwh per day, which means we can save up to 80% energy.


3. Sound insulation


Onekin green panel adopts a  hollow core structure design, as air is the best medium of sound and thermal insulation, thus it present great efficiency in insulating noise.

For 100mm panel, the sound insulation is 36 db. It can reach up to 51db for structure with two layers of 900mm panel with 50mm rock wool in the middle.








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