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Lightweight precast green foam panel for sale

Lightweight precast green foam panel for sale

  • Brand: ONEKIN
  • Product name:Lightweight precast green foam panel for sale
  • Color:white
  • MOQ: 40HQ
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Lightweight precast green foam panel for sale

Although it is June now,it is still cold in Ireland.Most people still wear the padded jackets and when people stay home, some of them even need the air condition or heating.However,as the depletion of natural resource become a serious problem.We cannot use those energy freewheeling like before.To protect our planet,people try to create some eco-friendly materials to reduce the pollute and save energy.Onekin green panel is the one of them.

What is Onekin foam panel?

Onekin green panel is a new sustainable construction material,it is mainly made from magnesium oxide,and also use the innovative foaming technology with T&G and hollow core design,so it is lightweight and easy installation and thermal insulation,so it get more popular in the both hot places,such as The Middle East and cold places,such as Ireland,Norway and Finland.

Brand  Onekin
 Product name   lightweight precast green foam panel for sale
 Fireproof  non-combustible at 800℃&remain flameless at 1200℃
 Thermal conductivity  0.17w/㎡.k
 Lightweight   36kg/㎡ for 90mm thickness
 Soundproof  reach up to 54dB
 Fast installation  40㎡/day/worker
 Energy saving  Up to 80%
 Certificates  TUV,ASTM,CE,etc
 Eco-friendly  NO asbestos,no formaldehyde
 Standard size  2800*600/2900*600
 Thickness  75/90/100/120/150/200mm

Why the Onekin foam panel is green?

According to environmental test, it is no asbestos,no radioactivity,no formaldehyde and also free of heavy metals and other harmful substances.Apart from this,since magnesium oxide and other materials such as fly ash,plant fiber are all inorganic material,it is also insect-resistant and mold-resistant.

2.Energy saving:
The thermal conductivity of Onekin foam panel is just 0.17w/mk,which can lead to 12℃ temperature difference between outside&inside.According Onekin customers test,it can save up to 80% energy compared to those traditional construction materials such as cement panel.

3.Recycle use:
With the T&G design,Onekin foam panel is easy to dismantle and reinstall.For example,some warehouse and factory just use 20 to 30 years,and then when the warehouse and factory will be abandoned, can be dismantled and then reinstall the panels to other project.
4.Easy decoration:
Since Onekin panel is flatness with white-color,it is easy to decorate.And the big area surface also need little mortar,and can do skin coat directly.

Onekin now has passed certificates,such as TUV,ASTM,CE and etc.

Why Onekin foam panel can save up to 30% cost?

1.Easy installation
A worker can install 40㎡ Onekin panel per day, which is 2-5 times faster installation than cement and bricks.Because of this,this can shorten the construction period and reduce the labour and equipment cost.In addition to this,this can also help the contractor and real estate developer save lots of management cost with a quick pay back.

2.Light weight:

Because of the innovative foaming technology and hollow core design,the weight of Onekin foam panel for sale is just the just ⅓ of cement panel.In this way,it can reduce the construction load directly as to decrease the machinery depreciation.

In addition,for those high-rise buildings,the lightweight of the construction material can definitely avoid the dimensional shift, so as to guarantee the the stability of the whole building.Finally, the light weight also reduce the transport fees and eliminate the exhust fumes.


The Yangliuqing villa is a wooden-structure building group used the Onekin foam panel.According to the contractor feedback,the precast feature of the panel shorten the construction period directly and saves lots of their time and energy.And the smooth surface also reduce the decoration work and ensure the aesthetic outlook of the villa.

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Onekin green foam panel’s sale ability

Onekin factory is in the northeast of China,which is near the sea. Covering about 25000 square meters, and the stock can be 30000㎡.On top of this,there are also foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory.There is no doubt that Onekin’s sale power is at the top of Chinese mgo manufacturer. 

Now Onekin’s customers are around the world,our office is located in Chengdu,China.And we also have agent in Oman,Singapore,Vietnam,French Guyana,Israel,Maldives.We believe  that onekin would be stonger and stronger,since the foam panel for sale help the contractors and developers save a great deal of cost.

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