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Low Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior WallLow Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior WallLow Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior WallLow Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior WallLow Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior Wall

Low Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior Exterior Wall

  • Application: high rise buildings, commercial buildings, internal & partition
  • Benefits: fireproof 2 hours, fast construction
  • Length available: 2.2~3.6 meters
  • Certificate: fireproof certificate (TUV), ASTM, ISO 9001
  • Key words: lightweight concrete panels fast construction
  •                         Thermal insulation lightweight concrete panels
  •                         Easy installation wall panel for UAE                      
  •                         Lightweight concrete panels fireproof 2 hours
Low Cost Prefabricated Panels Lightweight Concrete Panels for Interior ExteriorWall

Whats is Onekin wall panel?

Onekin wall panel is made of non-combusible materail magnesium Oxide, it's a green and healthy material. Onekin wall panel use precast hollow core design, can be used as interior wall, exterior wall and partition wall.

How is Onekin lightweight concrete panels used?
Onekin lightweight concrete panel is an innovative construction wall materials, it’s used as replacement for traditional hollow block, AAC panel.
Application: non-load bearing wall
Usage: internal wall, partition wall, external wall
Support type: concrete structure, steel structure, timber structure

Why is Onekin lightweight concrete panels are excellent for UAE?
1.fast construction - finish project in advance
  Onekin wall panel is 8 times faster than traditional hollow block. 
2.Lightweight - save cost
  Onekin lightweight concrete panels has density: 375~500kgs/m3, it’s much lightweight than hollow blocks. 
3.Fireproof 2 hours - meeting Civil Defense requirement
  The UAE Civil Defense is asking for precast wall materials to be fireproof. 

What does the additional value Onekin lightweight concrete panels may bring?
  Onekin lightweight concrete panels are bringing more additional value than traditional values, because:
1.it’s thermal insulation - save on air conditioner energy
2.It’s total green - healthy to human body
3.It’s water-resistance and moisture-proof

Get to know Onekin
  Onekin is a manufacturer focus on one product.
  Onekin is taking the belief that doing one product all the time, we can be an expert.
  After years of working, Onekin has become a group company. We have already partners in below countries, and would like to work with you next time.

Ethiopia: branch company
Singapore: exclusive agent
Oman: exclusive agent
Maldives: exclusive agent
French Guiana: exclusive agent

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