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Low cost and easy installation wall panelLow cost and easy installation wall panelLow cost and easy installation wall panelLow cost and easy installation wall panel

Low cost and easy installation wall panel

  • Core material:
  •            MgO , MgCl2, fiberglass, fly ash
  • Length: 2600-3500mm  
  • Width: 600mm
  • Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150 / 200mm
  • Standard size:
  •           2800mm * 600mm / 2900mm * 600mm
  • Surface: Smooth (Can be directly decorated)
  • Certificate: TUV / ASTM / SGS / IS09001
  • Fire rating: Up to 164 minutes
  • Quick installation: 40m2 / day / worker
  • Light weight: 36kg / m2 for 90mm board
  • Heat transfer: 0.0349w / m.k
  • Sound insulation: 51dB

Lower cost and easy installation wall panel for interior wall

Onekin green panel is an environmental-friendly panel which is widely used in wall construction, especially wall partition. It is a new type of non-flammable material made of lightweight materials.

Its made from magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber and mixed together with non-toxic chemicals for strength.



Onekin green panel is lighter than any other traditional panels, such as cement block, concrete block, cement panel etc.

The weight is only 45kg/m2 for 100mm while the weight for the cement bard is about 120-140kg/m2. As a result, it can lower structural load, reducing oversized foundation, the lintel beams and stiffener etc.


Easy and fast installation

The lightweight panel with tongue and groove design enables 3-5 times faster installation compared with that of cement panel or bricks.

The panels can be easily sawn, cut, drilled and taped. For one skilled worker can install 40m2 per day.


Lower the total cost

As Onekin green panel is lightweight, it can reduce the cost of the labor, foundation, structure, lintel beams and stiffener for the building, as well as transportation.

It enables fast installation, so it can significantly shorten the construction period and project management cost.

Moreover, the surface is smooth, so there is no need for plastering work after panel installation.

Therefore, the overall project cost will be reduced up to 30%. Also, as the panel is thinner, it can help to increase usable space.





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