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MGO lightweight hollow core wall panel

MGO lightweight hollow core wall panel

  • Flexural strength:≥0.492MPa
  • Compressive strength:4.4MPa
  • Non-combustible:at 800℃
  • No flame or hazardous smoke:at 1,200℃
  • Fire resistance:3 hours / at least 132 mins
  • Thermal conductivity:0.17 W/m/K
  • Thermal resistance:0.5712 m2K/W
  • Heat absorption:80%
  • Fast and easy installation:40 m2/worker/day
  • Sound insulation:up to 51 dB

MGO lightweight hollow core wall panel

Application of light weight hollow core slab wall panel:

1. Commercial projects: office buildings, shopping malls, KTV, hotels, residentials etc.

2. Industrial projects:factorys, logistics parks....

3. Public or Government projects: libary, prefab houses..

Suitable for precast concrete structue, steel structure and wood structure.



1. Lightweight

Materials: Cement,Fly ash, Foaming agent, Fiber glass mesh

Density:38-45kg/m2(90mm thick)

2. Fast installation

Fast installation: 50m2/two men/day

3. Green

Non-asbestos, non-toxics, non-formaldehyde

4. Good building performance

Compressive strength:4.4-6.2MPA

Hanging force: ≥1000N

Fire resistance: 4 hours

Thermal insulation: thermal conductivity is 0.12 which is 1/10 of the concrete.

Sound insulation: 45dB----transmission loss



Raw material and specifications:


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