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Magnesium oxide and MgSO4 board Eco-friendly and 2 hours fireproofMagnesium oxide and MgSO4 board Eco-friendly and 2 hours fireproof

Magnesium oxide and MgSO4 board Eco-friendly and 2 hours fireproof

  • 1,Fireproof Grade A1
  • 6mm: ≥1 hour
  • 6-12mm:1-2 hours
  • 12mm : ≥2 hours
  • 2,Water absorption: about 18% 
  • 3,Expansion in water:≤0.3%
  • 4,Sound insulation: 29 dB (6mm)                           
  • 5,Thermal conductivity: 0.161 W/(mK)
  • 6,100% asbestos free
  • 7, No toxicity
  • 8,Resistance to growth of mold and mildew
  • 9, Insect-resistance

Magnesium oxide and MgSO4 board Eco-friendly and 2 hours fireproof



Why Onekin MGO board is different?

Different from other manufacture, Onekin green mgo board not only concentrate on high quality raw materials, but also high the production machines, high efficiency machines also decide the quality of boards. We have secondary mixing system for the raw materials which is very expensive invest, just mix the raw materials sufficiently, and makes the quality balance to every board area and every piece.



Onekin Green board ASTM, CE, SGS test report

1. fireproof: grade A1, non-combustile at 800, no flames at 1200

2. energy saving: when outside temperature is -19, inside come reach 10

3. high strength: Onekin mgo boar can be used as structure board

4. Bending strength: 18.8 Mpa

5. Impacting Strength: 8.3 KJ/m2

6. totally green: matching grade A building material, non-toxic, 100% asbetsos free

7. waterproof: with water absorption 13%, can resist water.



What best performance does Onekin board have

1,Superior Fireproof Performance
 Non-combustible drywall board, not combusted at 800 and no flames at 1200

Stable physical performances will not be effected even in cold-dry or humid weather conditions.

Asbestos free, No radioactive elements like formaldehyde, benzene etc and no irritating harmful odor

4,Lightweight and anti-seismic

Lightweight characteristic lowers the interior wall weight up to 60% of the building, increasing the usable areas

5,Sound and heat insulation
Outstanding sound-insulating and heat-insulating (energy-saving) performances provide a cozy living atmosphere.


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