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Moisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panelMoisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panelMoisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panel

Moisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panel

  • Brand name: Moisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panel
  • Soundproof: 51dB
  • Application: steel/ concrete/ wooden structure & interior & exterior wall partition
  • Certificate: ISO9001, TUV, SGS, CE, ASTM
  • MOQ: 40HQ
  • Delivery time: 15 days after payment
  • Design: hollow core, easy wire & pipe
  • Size:2200-6000* 600* 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • key words:
  • Sandwich panel for partition wall
  • Moisture-proof panel
  • Light moisture-proof panel for partition
  • Light moisture-proof soundproof sandwich panel of lightweight for partition

Moisture-proof soundproof light sandwich partition panel


Sandwich panel has be so widely used inconstruction field, but recently, our customers show our feedback that sandwichpanel is tough and 

heavy to install and remove and it is not so duable forsteel in the middle and it is easy broken. And they want to look for some alternative 

materials with lightweight and fast installation panel in their buildings.


Why our panel is soundproof up to 51dB?

Our panel adopts hollow core design, and air is the best medium of sound, so it presents great efficiency in insulating noise.


Why our panel is 1/3 lightweight ofcement,and lighter block etc?

It is just 45kg/m2 for 100mm thickness,while cement is about 120-140kg/m2. As a result, it can lower structural load, foundation,lintel beams and stiffer.


Why our panel is moisture-proof?

Our panel suits for high humidity places and it made of moisture materials and keeps it dry. And it is also mould-proof and waterproof.


What kind of wall system to apply our panel?

interior wall system                             exterior wall system

90/100mm thickness is suitbale                 150/200mm for exterior wall

partition wall                                   soundproof wall (according to your requirement of soundproof)

100/120mm is ok                                fireproof wall (according to your requirement of fire rate)


What certificate we have ?

To make sure all the quality and protection of our customers’ convinience in application in local places, we have TUV,ASTM, CE,SGS, ISO, CANS,COC certificate 

and all the dates can be supported by certificate, if you need , we can send you our test report to reduce your worry.


Strict Quality Control to make sure the quality

1.      Pre-production inspection of raw materials

2.      Inprocess quality control

3.      Pre-shipment inspection

4.      Traceability and immediate staus control



Our projects abroad

We have projects Oman.Palestine, Jordan,Australia, Singapore, Korea and Veitnam and Ecuador etc, and we can replace sandwich panel for lightweight, fast installation and high quality and green to offer healthy living condition.


Contact me

Dear customers, you will see the links about installation steps in previous items, and if you still have some doubt, welcome to tell me.

Arya Ren

Foreign Sales Dpt (609)

Mob: +86-18328817693(wechat / whatsup)

email: sales609@oneknigroup.com



Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


Contact Person:Arya

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