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New and better fireproof precast concrete slab price

New and better fireproof precast concrete slab price

  • Band:Onekin
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Delivery time: 15 days after payment
  • certificates: TUV, CE ,ASTM etc
  • Raw materials: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash etc
  • design:T & G and hollow core
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New and better fireproof precast concrete slab price

 Background of Onekin new precast concrete slab

  You may already used precast concrete slabs, and known some precast concrete slabs are reinforced by steel like the above picture shows. Reinforcing concrete with steel improves strength and durability. On its own, concrete has good compressive strength, but lacks tension and shear strength and can be subject to cracking when bearing loads for long periods of time. Steel offers high tension and shear strength to make up for what concrete lacks. Steel behaves similarly to concrete in changing environments, which means it will shrink and expand with concrete, helping avoid cracking.But meanwhile, it makes the precast concrete plank heavier.

  Now Onekin offers you a lighter wall panel to replace of concrete slabs: Onekin precast slabs ---- you can consider it as a new and better price precast concrete slab, because it has same advantages of concrete slabs, meanwhile it is lighter than traditional precast concrete slabs. Our new precast concrete slab is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber and foaming agent.

Why our new precast concrete slab costs less?

  Our hollow core slabs offer the benefits of durability, low maintenance, fire resistance, sound control and speed of construction, all at a very competitive price. As the below picture showing, it has hollow core and T & G design, which can make it easy to installation and lighter than cement wall panels.

  Mgo wall system is a new idea for many people, but onekin keep working on mgo products because of its features of eco-friendly, lightweight, easy to install and fireproof.


Up to 4 hours

Water absorption


Thermal conductivity





Can reach up to 51dB

Eco - friendly

No asbestos, no formaldehyde

Fast installation


Cost saving


Energy saving

Up to 80%



Application of Onekin better precast concrete slab

  High quality and low cost make our precast concrete slabs been widely used in all kinds of building constructions. By now, we already have customers around the world, below shows our precast project feedback in Oman, which is using our precast concrete planks instead of traditional concrete slabs.

  • High buildings
  • Government housing project
  • Prefab house
  • Residential construction
  • Single house
  • The fence of factory
  • Fire rated wall partitions 1-4 hours
  • Interior & exterior wall panel
  • Also can paste on tiles and cement mortar
  • Commercial buildings: shopping mall, hotel, office building

Packing & delivery of our precast wall panel

 We use pallet to package our panels, then put it into containers. Quantity of panels is based on the thickness of the panel ( generally for 100mm thickness panels, we pack 11 panels together, while 150mm panels are packed 7 or 8 pieces, in order to fully utilize the container space). Our precast concrete slabs use different raw materials, is both lightweight and high strength.



  As a Chinese supplier of green building materials, Onekin has years' experience can provide high quality wall panels and the best technical support. Our factory covers an area of about 18000 square meters, including panel production department, foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory. With 74 sets of production molds, the daily production capacity can be about 1500pcs, roughly 1000,000 square meters annually. Choose our new precast concrete slabs, you can get high quality prefab wall panels and trustworthy cooperator.



   As a professional mgo wall panels supplier, Onekin is a place always follows the principle of “Customers first”, we cherish customers and always insist to providing the best products to them. Onekin group has focus on mgo products in many years, including mgo panel, mgo board, machines, raw materials and production line. We also have our own factory, research team and engineer to make sure our customers can get technical service and quality guarantee. If you are interest with our precast mgo slabs and willing to know more information about our panels compare with precast concrete slabs welcome to contact our sales or send Email to sales@onekingroup.com


Onekin New and Better Concrete Slab Price

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