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New fire door core lightweight and fireproof better than paper honeycomb

New fire door core lightweight and fireproof better than paper honeycomb

  • Brand:ONEKIN
  • MOQ:20GP
  • Packing:pallet
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • Density:200~600kg/m3
  • Features:
  • Lightweight fire door core
  • Refractory door core
  • Fire door core

Newlightweight and fireproof fire

door corebetter thanpaper honeycomb


Are you still using paper honeycomb? You are out!


For past decades,the door manufacturer usually use paper honeycomb to make the interior wall. And also the paper honeycomb is well known for its lightweight.


Now I’d like to recommend you a new innovate fire door core -- mgo fire door core. it would be your best choose.


What is mgo door core?

Foamed lightweight mgo fire door core board is bothlightweight and long time fire rated. A filling material in door to replace the paper honeycomb or other wood material.

Since some wooden material is not fireproof and heavy, so now more and more door manufacturer are choose to Onekin refractory door core.


How to produce it?


Onekin factory is near the harbour, which can speed up the delivery time,and help customers to get the door core timely.


Now the door manufacturer from New Zealand,South Korea,Malaysia and Vietnam all order the fire rated door core from ONEKIN.

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