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No-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel doorNo-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel doorNo-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel doorNo-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel door

No-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel door

  • Density:1.0-1.2kg/m3
  • Fireproof:grade A
  • flexual strength:≥8MPa
  • anti-impact;≥2kJ/m2
  • halogenation resistance:no water and no moisture created
  • water content:less than 8%
  • dry shrinkage rate:rate ≤0.3%
  • expansion in water rate:≤ 0.6%
  • content of chloride:≤ 10%
  • Certificate:ASTM,SGS,ISO9001,2000Qc systems


No-asbestos fire rated door core board replace perlite board to making steel door 

Scientific prescription, real green and environmental material.100% No asbestos contained. Antisepsis, mothproof, ant-proof,Perdurable and great duration of life.


Length: 2100-2200mm

Width: 900mm

Thickness: 28-60mm

Density: 280-500kg/m3

Door core board performance

●Heat conductivity coefficient: ≤0.055W/ (m.k)

●Compressive strength: ≥0.50MPa

●Strength of extension: ≥0.10MPa

●Drying shrinkage value: ≤0.80mm/m

●Frost resistance (15 circulations): quality loss rate: ≤5.0%

●Loss rate of compressive strength: ≤20%

●Combustion performance: A1

Fireproof performance:

70min fire rating time: 38mm thickness Onekin door core board, density: 420kg/m3

90min fire rating time: 48mm thckness Onekin door core board, density: 420kg/m3

120min fire rating time: 6mm thickness Onekin Mgo board + 36mm thickness Onekin door core board, density: 420kg/3

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