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No asbestos green fireproof hollow core wall panels supplierNo asbestos green fireproof hollow core wall panels supplierNo asbestos green fireproof hollow core wall panels supplier

No asbestos green fireproof hollow core wall panels supplier

  • Brand: ONEKIN
  • Surface: smooth
  • Thermal conductivity:0.1739w/m2k.
  • Application:partition wall,internal and external wall
  • Details:No asbestos green fireproof interior wall panels
  • No asbestos fireproof interior wall panel
  • Easy decoration green fireproof interior wall panel
  • Green thermal and sound insulation interior wall panel
  • Fireproof green wall panel with on asbestos and formaldehyde
No asbestos green fireproof interior wall panel

  Under the initiative of building a green future all over the world,Onekin is a Chinese professional green precast panel manufacturer with 13 years’s experiences.
We have the customers from all over the world. All our panels are made of green raw materials,it’s without asbestos and no radioactivity, and also it does not contain formaldehyde.
Meanwhile it’s free of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

What is Onekin green wall panel?

  Onekin green wall Panel is kind of inorganic building wall materials, the main theory is that magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with magnesium chloride, filling material is fly ash and reinforced by plant fiber and glass fiber. 
  The main applications of Onekin green wall panel are  partition wall panel to instead of Cacium Silicate panel, hollow block and traditional hollow core panel as well as cement hollow panel.

Main performance of green fireproof interior wall panel

Green building material

  Onekin green fireproof precast panel is made of high purified Magnesium Oxide and high quality Magnesium Chloride. 
  The strong chemical reaction between Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride can strengthen intensity of our green fireproof wall panel. 
  Other filling materials are fiber plant, fly ash, additives.All of materials are totally green materials.
  It does not produce any harmful gases and toxic smoke in the event of fire.
  Moreover, it’s insect-resistant and resistant to growth of mold and mildew as an inorganic material.

Fireproof Grade A
  Onekin green wall panel is a non-combustible building material, the fire endurance can reach 4 hours in accordance with Chinese National Standard.
  For some buildings that require strict fire protection, our panel can't be more suitable.
 Also as per TUV standard, fire rated 132 minutes for 100mm Onekin green panel.


  Onekin precast fireproof wall panel is heat insulation material, it can save energy up to 80%. Onekin precast panel(100mm) when directly applied with a 1100℃ torch flame for 164 minutes will not burn,
  While limiting the heat transferred.One side of the panel will be 1100℃ while the opposite side will only reach a max of 134℃ over 45 minutes.


 Onekin is a Chinese professional green precast panel manufacturer with 13 years’s experiences.
 All our products with TUV Singapore/CE/ASTM approved!


General applications of green fireproof wall panel
 Onekin green fireproof wall panel commonly used as interior wall, partition wall, exterior wall, or fire wall in house construction, such as residential house, 
 commercial building, high-rise buildings, hospital, villa, hotel, warehouse, factory, school etc.
 There are some green fireproof wall panel projects in bellow:

Onekin company

  Onekin factory covers an area of about 25000 sq.mts in China, the factory has many professional management personal and research and development personnel, 
  and we would do our best to provide our best services to customers. 
  Also our R&D department can realize your customized design.

After service
  After-sales service is the last quality of the product. 
  In order to safeguard the interests of customers, onekin adheres to the principle of good faith service.
  With the improvement of technology and innovation, we will promote the improvement of procurement costs and win the trust and satisfaction of our customers with our thoughtful services.

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