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Nonmetal Panel Material and Grey Color Thermal insulation panel

Nonmetal Panel Material and Grey Color Thermal insulation panel

  • Fireproof: 2-4 hours
  • Waterproof: 23% water absorption rate (much lower than cement, gypsum, silicate board)
  • Fast installation: 3 workers for low rise, 50-70 sqm per day. High rise external wall, 4 workers a team, 200-300sqm per day.
  • Can be skim coated and painted in hours after installation, and no need plaster before this work.
  • Accessories for installation: U steel clamp, screws, nails, motar.

Onekin green wall panel production, raw materials, main raw materials, mgo powder, magnesium chloride, flyash, together with foaming technology. As mgo powder is fireproof materials, so the panel also very high fireproof, for normal grade wall panel, the fireproof grade more than 2 hours, and special grade, which often be used in high building for safety rescue room, can reach 4 hours fireproof.

For the production of Onekin green wall panel, there is no big consumption for power supply and no need fuel, no much waste be produced since some can be recycled into the production. We already got ISO tests for the production and management. Raw materials are be tested before use, and machines are in maintain schedule, products also in inspection during the whole process.

The worker are with low labor work, since there are machines and they can have a lot of rests during forming of panel time. So there are only 14 workers for 37 units machines and 7 workers a team. They can work day and night turn.

Onekin green wall panel was called fireproof wall panel, flame resistant wall panel or fast construction wall panel, it is new kind of building materials to replace heavy brick wall, block wall and cement concrete panel wall.

There are a lot of international tests to support you to gain your project, so if you are a contractor, you can ask the catalogue from our sales to check a complete test data to see whether it is agree with your project requirement.

Onekin green wall panel can low cost your project, since it is fast construction and less construction steps. it can save your project costs 10-30%.

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