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Onekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall PanelOnekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall PanelOnekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall PanelOnekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall Panel

Onekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall Panel

  • Raw material: magnesium  oxide
  • Brand:ONEKIN
  • Main performance: lightweight,easy installation,moisture resistant
  • Fast installation: shorten construction time,cost saving
  • Application:  steel structure,concrete structure,wooden structure
  • Key words: lightweight partition wall panel
  •            partition wall panel
Onekin Fireproof Sandwich Panel Thermal Insulation Precast Wall Panel for External Wall


Steel structure now become more and more popular because:
It has good structural performance, and great aseismicity
Since steel is recyclable
more energy efficient than masonry and concrete
Factory processing, quality assurance
Light weight, low-cost basis
Site duration is short
no wet work, will not produce dust, sewage and other pollution
Thin columns, thin walls,space saving

Product information

Why Onekin is great for the steel structure:

   The density of Onekin panel is from 350kg/m³ to 500kg/m³,in this way,both Onekin lightweight partition wall and the steel structure can lower the weight of the whole project.Because of this,the shallow foundation depth can save the machine cost like the digger and also the labor cost who operate the digger.

Thickness: 200/150/120mm   100/90/75mm

For one sheet of Onekin panel would is from 1.32㎡ to 2.16㎡,and this is the half day’s work for installer who use the bricks to make the wall.For this,Onekin lightweight partition wall can increase 5-10 times efficiency compared the traditional construction materials.

Onekin lightweight partition wall is made from mgo and mgcl2. And mgo as a natural fireproof material has amazing fire retardancy and for 100mm thickness can over 164mins(from TUV test).

4. High strength

  The compressive strength of Onekin panel is from 3.9MPa to 5.56Mpa according to different thickness,so it can be both used as internal and external wall.

5.Easy installation
   With the tongue and groove design,Onekin lightweight partition wall makes the joint between panel easier and also because of its lightweight,the installer would find the installing process like a cork.

6.Recycle use  

Onekin lightweight partition wall can be used again and again,and the repetition rate is from 70% to 90%,which is great for the area like shopping mall and office building where usually would change their design. 

7. Healthy
Since Onekin lightweight partition wall is free from asbestos nor formaldehyde,and since the panel made from inorganic,so it is also free of insect or mildew.In addition,it would not produce any harmful gases and toxic smoke in the event of fire.


The steel structure and Onekin lightweight partition panel is the best collaboration for the contractor,because the precast technology make the building fast installation and this is quite time and cost saving.

Every month, the production of Onekin is about 100,000㎡,and onekin would do our best to provide our best services to customers.

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Since the wall panel is for building,whether contractors or developers are both care about the performance of the panel,especially the safety and utility of the panel.

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