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Onekin door core board fire rating materialsOnekin door core board fire rating materials

Onekin door core board fire rating materials

  • Product name: manufacturer passive protection board
  • Model number: COK-23
  • Raw material: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride
  • Fiberglass mesh: four layers
  • Color: white & grey
  • Keywords: China passive protection board manufacturer
  •           China passive protection board factory
  •           China passive protection board wholesaler online

What is Onekin passive protection board?

  Onekin passive protection board is mgo board, or full name as magnesium oxide board.
the raw material of it is magnesium oxide, reacts and bonds with magnesium chloride.

  the standard size is 1220*2440/1200*2400, with thickness 3~30mm. for thickness 3~20mm,
it is used as wall material, for prefab house. above 20mm, it is used as passive protection
board for tunnel, fire hydrant ect.
  what can be well noted is that above 20mm is customized size, and Onekin can make it up to 30mm.

Why Onekin board can be used as passive protection board?

  Onekin mgo board can reach high strength, because we have accurate formula for the production. the formula is good
with high actiity magnesium oxide, so we order and buy our raw material with high purity.
  other than that, we will do formula test for every batch of raw material, make sure the formula is working good.

Performance for Onekin passive protection board

  Onekin passive protection board has got ASTM(US standard), CE(EU standard) certificate, according to these two
certificates, our board has below performance:

1. fire reaction: meeting grade A1 requirement, it means Onekin board is with excellent fireproof.
2. thermal insulation: 0.161w/m*k, it's wonderful thermal insulation material
3. bending strength: 18.8Mpa
4. impacting strength: 8.3KJ/m2
5. green: 100% asbestos free

for more performance, please contact our sales.

Onekin factory show

  Onekin raw material is with automatic machines, make sure the raw material is well mixed. also, we have two production
line, to meet the big requirement for customers.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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