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Onekin door core for fireproof doorOnekin door core for fireproof doorOnekin door core for fireproof doorOnekin door core for fireproof doorOnekin door core for fireproof doorOnekin door core for fireproof door

Onekin door core for fireproof door

  • fireproof:
  •           1-4 hours
  • size: 2100*900*3-40mm





Chengdu Onekin Green Building Materials CO., LTD has been committed to environmental protection building materials for more than ten years. Products are exported to dozens of countries.To provide customers with fire safety and low cost products, while ensuring product quality, save customers' construction costs, provide our best service.




Fireproof grade A1


Our door core board is made of magnesium oxide, a natural fireproof material. Fire breaks can last for 1-4 hours, In the event of a fire, rescue and escape time can be greatly increased.




For door core board, different density and thickness of fire time is not the same. In addition to our standard size, we can adjust the density and thickness according to customer requirements.



As our products are natural fireproof materials, they will not release toxic substances in the process of use, and will not cause harm to human beings. Even as indoor door panels, they can be safely used.






At the same time of ensuring the quality, we add foaming agent appropriately to make the product lighter.This not only can facilitate the handling and installation but also has more advantages in transportation.


Lower cost




First of all, compared with the same type of large products, our door core board on the price has a comparative advantage. You can save money on procurement.


Secondly, our products are lighter in weight, so we can save the transportation cost in transit.


Finally, in the process of installation and use, the surface of our products is flat without secondary processing.At the same time, advantage light quality advantage, workers in the installation process is easier and faster.



To sum up, our products are fireproof for a long time without any harmful substances.Compared with the same type of products, the total cost can be saved by 10% to 30%.


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