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Onekin exterior wall panel for exterior wall partitionOnekin exterior wall panel for exterior wall partition

Onekin exterior wall panel for exterior wall partition

  • Brand :Onekin
  • Supply Ability:  1200~1500pcs/day
  • Size:2800/2900*600
  • Packing:wooden pallet packing
  • Design:tongue and groove
  • Color:white

What's Onekin exterior wall panel ?

Onekin exterior wall panel is a eco friendly panel.the raw materials for Onekin exterior wall panel are green materials,it's made from magnesium oxide,which is a natural fire prevetion materials.it's no asbestos and no radioactivity,especially it does not contain formaldehyde.it's also is a fireproof building materials,non-combustible at 800℃, no falmes at 1200℃.

our Onekin exterior wall panel doesn't product any harmful gases and smoke when the fire disaster occur.

Our Onekin exterior wall panel's Specification

* Sectional drawing

* Length:2200-3600mm,you can choice according to your project demand
* Width:600mm
* Thickness:regular is 90/100/120/150/200mm
* Standard size:2800*600mm/2900*600mm

Onekin exterior wall panel advantage
Lightweight:much ligther than any other building  materials,like brick,only 1/3 weigther of them
Easy and fast installation:the tongue and groove design enable 3-5 times faster installation than traditional building materials like cement panel.
* Sound insulation:reach up to 51dB
* Lower the total cost:the overall project cost will be reduced up to 30%
* Heat insulation and energy saving:10 kwh per day,which means we can save up to 80% energy.

Our exhibition and customers visiting

We had take part in many exbibition,and achieved good results from exbition,we had establish and cooperate with partners from different conuntries,such as American,United Kingdom ,South korea,Singapore,Australia Jordan,Lebanon and so on.

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