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Onekin fireproof board / mgo board 3~30mm

Onekin fireproof board / mgo board 3~30mm

  • brand: Onekin
  • thickness: 3~30mm
  • color: white & grey
  • fireproof: grade A1
  • certificate: CE (EU standard), ASTM (US standard)
  • delivery time: 20 days after advance payment

What is Onekin fireproof board/mgo board?

  Onekin fireproof board is made by magnesium oxide, which is a nature fireproof material. 
the whole production process is chemical reaction, thus magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with 
magnesium chloride.

  since all the raw material is total green, make Onekin fireproof board total green, have 
no toxic element such as asbestos, formaldehyde. 
  also, mgo board is reinforced by fiberglass mesh, makes the board high strength.

 the specification of Onekin mgo board is:
 fireproof  grade A1
 thickness  3~30mm
 color  white(nature) & grey(special made)
 bending strength  18.8 Mpa
 impacting strength  8.3 KJ/m2
 certificate  CE, ASTM
 packing  wooden pallet

Where is Onekin fireproof board/mgo board currently being used?

  the application can be explained as two ways, the one is common usage; the other is
the usage Onekin fireproof board can do.

1. common usage
  mgo board is widely used as wall, ceiling, floor for prefab house.
  because of the high strength and fireproof performance, it has become the replacement
for gypsum board, firber cement board, particle board ect.

2. what Onekin fireproof board can
  the high quality and big production ability has made Onekin fireproof board use as
below, while other factories barely can, as:

 passive protection board, for tunnel, fire hydrant ect.

 below shows a picture of our special made board.

What kind of performance Onekin fireproof board/mgo board has?

for every performance, Onekin has test data/certificate as support, 

a. fireproof
  according to CE certificate, Onekin board fireproof grade is A1, the best fire protection material grade.
b. thermal insulation
  Onekin board thermal insulation: 0.161 w/m*k, a excellent heat insulation material
c. high strength
  modulus of rupture: 16.9 Mpa
  data base: CE certificate, thickness = 10mm
d. mostureproof
  water absortion: 13%
  also, when immersed into water for 72 hours, there is no moiture create.
f. total green
  Onekin board is non-toxic, ensure 100% asbestos free. can resist termite ect.

Why choose Onekin?

  Onekin has 13 years in manufacturing and researching for mgo board. our board has reach low water absorption as 13%,
water content below 8%. Onekin is successful in this because we value quality control.

 1. quality start from raw material
  for every batch of raw material, Onekin will do formula test, and make a small sample for testing. make sure the formula
is perfect for the raw material.
 2. raw material mixing
  when doing production, Onekin will mix the raw material twice, using automatic machine. this is what makes Onekin different.
bacause it requires big machines with large area for the mixing, small factory cannot meet the requirement.
 3. enough curing time
  even when the peak season, Onekin will make sure enough curing time. quality and reputation is more important for Onekin.
 4. finish product quality testing
  Onekin will do quality testing after the product finished, make sure customers receive our board with high quality as well
as good appearance.

Onekin fireproof board packing

Onekin use wooden pallet packing, with protection board on four sides.

Onekin factory tour

Onekin factory has two production line, can meet your high requirement.

Onekin Projec Reference

Onekin has done many projects, we have been to US, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapre ect.
here list one project reference, for more information, please contact our sales.



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