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Onekin fireproof interior wall material for non-load bearing wall

Onekin fireproof interior wall material for non-load bearing wall

  • usage: non-load bearing wall
  • advantage: fire protection
  • thickness: 75/90/100
  • main character: lightweight
  • decoration type: no need mortar, so skin coat directly

Onekin fireproof interior wall material introduction

  Onekin interior wall material is used as non-load bearing wall.

  it is a kind of prefabricated wall, with lightweight & fireproof performance. the big difference between Onekin interior wall material and conventional brick is that it is fast installation.with the idea of prefabricated wall, Onekin interior wall material can reach installation speed 40~50 square meters per day for one worker.

 the specification of Onekin interior wall material is:
 length range: 2200~6000 (recommend 2800/2900 for easy container loading)
 width: 600
 normal thickness: 75/90/100

 design: hollow core

Onekin interior wall material application

 it is used as non-load bearing wall, can be used in any building structure.
 since as concrete structure, timber structure, solid steel structure, even no structure for one floor.

 below show a application reference for timber/wood structure.

Onekin interior wall material performance

 Onekin panel is famous for lightweight, which is the main reason for easy & fast installation.
 some customers migh have been worried about the strength, but Onekin would assure you that it is total safe becasue of high steingth.

also, it has other performance as:
1. fire protection
2. eco-friendly
3. moistureproof
4. easy decoration

for detail data support, please contact our sales.

Onekin project reference.

here list a project for interior wall material, more information, please contact our sales.

Project: Oman stuff dormitory
Panel using: 100mm as interior wall

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