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Onekin fireproof prefabricated wall

Onekin fireproof prefabricated wall

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Thickness: 75/90/100 for interior wall, 120/150/200 for exterior wall
  • Design: T & G
  • Fireproof: grade A1
  • Installation efficiency: 45sqm/day/worker

What is prefabricated wall

  Prefabricated wall is design to replace tranditional wall material, such as brick, hollow block.
  The standard length is 2800/2900mm, which is easy for container loading, and near the height of one floor.
  The advantage is that it is fact installation, can save much time for a project.

Where is prefabricated wall used?
 Prefabticated wall is widely used for high building projects, such as hotel, residential department, shopping mall, office building ect.
 Usually it's used as non-load bearing wall. for interior, exterior & partition.

How easy for prefabricated wall install

 Only SIX step, finish whole wall installation.

 Mark the line→connect panel & columns→connet panels→check & adjust the wall→filling gap.
 for more details, please contact our sales.

Why choose Onekin prefabricated wall?

Fireproof: grade A1. fire rating time up to four hours, can meet your high requirement.
100% asbestos free, say goodbye to harmful element.
fast installation, one worker can stall 45 square meters per day.
anti-earthquake, give more turst for the living environment.

What accessories needed for prefabricated wall?

U clip & rivets for connection,
mortar & fiberglass mesh for gap filling
glue powder & waterproof paiting before decoration.

Do we have projects reference

Locate: Tianjin
Floor: 18 floors
prefabricated wall thickness: 200mm
application: Exterior wall
72000.00 square meters in total
Competed in 2011

Any more question you may have, please contact our sales team.

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