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Onekin green board for light steel house as cladding wall and structure wall

Onekin green board for light steel house as cladding wall and structure wall

  • Onekin green board usage: structure wall board for exterior and interior wall, fireproof wall, ceiling structure, roofing structure, flooring backer board
  • Size can be produced: 4’x8’, 4’x9’,4x10’, 1200x2400mm,1220x2440mm, 1200x2750mm,1200x3050mm,1220x2750mm,1220x3050mm
  • Quality grade: A+(mainly for US and UK market, different other manufactures), A, B
  • Certificates: CE,ASTM,INTERTEK,SGS,etc
  • Density: 1300kgs/m3 or above for flooring, 1100-1200kgs/m3 for structure board, 900-1000kgs/m3 for decoration.


Onekin Green Board
(MgO Board A+ Grade)

Other Manufacture MgO Board




Fiber Glass Mesh

High Grade,Better Strenght

density 120g/m2

Low Grade


Flexural Strength

12mm: 16.9Mpa  (EN 12476:2004)

12mm: 13mpa (JC 688-2006)

Humidity Deflection

9mm: Mean Value, 0.07mm(ASTM C1396-13)

9mm Mean Value, 0.09mm

Impact Properties

 12mm: 5.6kJ/m2(ISO 396-1)

 12mm:2.0kJ/m2(JC 688-2006)

Free Chloride Ion Content

 5%  (American Customer  Standard)

 8% (China National Standard)
If free chloride ion content more than 6%, it will have chemical reaction with outside moisture, it's easily to lead to anti-halogenation and metal parts rusty.

Onekin green board also experienced many years upgrading as Onekin green panel, for Onekin green board, we need to get much better performance to water, to nail holding and strength, and balance quality. Its a combined work if we want to improve the quality, from raw materials, to production process and loading and transportation, we need the good quality until to hand of user.

Onekin green board is high fireproof, and good nail holding, which is much better than gypsum board and fiber cement board, so there are really little broken accidents during construction. A good nail holding can also ensure the house to against strong wind much better than the weaker one, and also to the earthquake. For a board bad nail holding will be easily broken and fall down because of shake by strong wind and earthquake, and cause dangerous.

Also, its very common condition to produce a board, that different physical performance in different position on same board, thats because from lower grade production line, have no modernized mixing system, and easily cause un efficient mixing, and this board may easily cause broken on the wall surface if face temperature changing, water absorption or shake from wind or earthquake. The break may not cause by one time.

While Onekin use fiber glass meshi in picture B, but other like picture A.

Onekin green board workshop

Re-construciton after earthquake

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