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Onekin green wall panel easy installation construction methods

Onekin green wall panel easy installation construction methods

  • TUV fire tests: 132 minutes fireproof
  • Sound insulation: 36dB
  • Compress strength: 5.56Mpa
  • Thermal resistance: 0.5712 ㎡°K/W
  • Heavy weight anchorage-wash cupboard: 4000N
  • Heavy weight anchorage-wash basin:1500N

Onekin green wall panel is easy installation wall, while 100mm is specially for internal wall partition, for the panel picture and test data please refer to the following. From our experience, Onekin green wall panel which is easy installation, no need skilled team for construction, can be easily train the new workers for construction. In this way, Onekin green wall panel system can fast your project and save construction time more than 20%.










BS 476 Part 22:1987




ASTM E413-04

Sound insulation



BS EN 772-1:2000

Compressive strength

5.56 Mpa



Thermal conductivity

0.1739 w/m°k



Thermal resistance

0.5712 m2°K/W


Construction methods:

1. Cutting tools: Hand held electric motion disc saw. Materials: binder, saw dust, wood block, sand and cement, mazding, 107 glue.
2. The combination between partition boards please refer to page 5. The gap between boards should not smaller than 10mm to facilitate the binder joint, and get a hard combination. The maintain period is 3 days for the joints.

3. According to the required size of boards to cut the boards, please first draw the cutting line on the boards, then use electric motion cutting saw to cut the boards. Now, the required boards is prepared for installation.

4. After finished the installation of the partition boards, the lights, telephone and TV line can be configured as the requirements of the customer. You should firstly use cutting machine to cut the installation port line on the board before install the switch, socket, embedded parts.

5. You can use carpenter screws of different size to fix the materials on the board surface, and mazding can also be used on the grids to fix materials (the structure of grids can be refered on page 3)。  But for heavy equipments such as electric water heater, basin, you should cut the fixing position on the thick position of boards, and it can be used for load bearing after embedded parts.

6. Binder: 1) can use our special binder to fill the gap

         2) use 250# sand cement with 5cm fiber cloth for the gap.


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