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Onekin group you trustable wall panel supplier

Onekin group you trustable wall panel supplier

  • raw materials:magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber, foaming agent
  • design: T & G and hollow core
  • Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • main performanc: fireproof, waterproof, lightweight,lightweight
  • key words:AAC alternative building material
  •           Alternative AAC Products
  •           fast installation AAC replacement
  •           prefabricated AAC block alternative

Onekin group youtrustable wall panel supplier


WhyOnekin group is trustable for you?                               


1. Advanced after sales services:

1) Installationinstruction: Sending engineers to training local workers, including wall panelinstallation, door and window panel installation, wall panel waterproofsolving, secondary decoration suggestion.



2) Solving the problem customer feed backing: will reply customer’s after sales problemwithin 24 hours and give our suggest solution within 2 working days.



2.  Good products quality


1) Outstrict quality control system: SGS test for each shipment, Self Physical testfor easy batch of products, raw materials control.


2) Qualified international standard: ASTM America standard, TUV fireproof test Singapore standard, COC Middle east standard etc.



3) Good quality feedback from our customer word wide.




WhyOnekin wall panel is your good anotherchoose?              


1) Products design

Precast hollowcore design: easy toinstall pipe and line


Light andfireproof raw materials:using natural lightweight and fireproof materials, to make the panel lightweight, easy installation and long time fireproof.

Height of thepanel changable:

Customization size: 

width: 600mm 




2) Excellent performance

1.              Fire Proof:using natural fireproof materials, it’snon-combustible at 800 degree and remains flameless at 1200 degree,it can be against a high temperature for 4 hours. 


2.              Water Proof: Experiment has proved that wetarea also can using our lightweight wall panel withoutabsorbing any water and no leakage at all after one year. 

3.              Sound Insulation: The inside of wall panel hollowcore. Design has fine sound insulation and sound insulation function. 


4.              Easy to Install: Using our installation material (Uclips and conjunction materials) is easy to build house.


5.              Labor Cost Saving:As wall panel is easy and fast to construct,the labors can be cut down in  the same work & time.


6.              High Intension:Onekinlightweight wall panel can be nailed directly or hang heavies,it can be  decorated by ceramictile,wall paper and any decorations you like. 


7.              Earthquake Resistance:The quakeproof performance ofOnekin lightweigth wall panel is more than 8.5.  



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