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Onekin light concrete replacement wall with ASTM  certificateOnekin light concrete replacement wall with ASTM  certificateOnekin light concrete replacement wall with ASTM  certificateOnekin light concrete replacement wall with ASTM  certificate

Onekin light concrete replacement wall with ASTM certificate

  • raw materials:magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber, foaming agent
  • design: T & G and hollow core
  • Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • main performanc: fireproof, waterproof, lightweight,lightweight
  • key words:AAC alternative building material
  •           Alternative AAC Products
  •           fast installation AAC replacement
  •           prefabricated AAC block alternative

02. Onekin wall panel can be use as external wall?

Sure, but Onekin Green Panel is kind of non-loading wall, usually can not be used as floor or bearing wall. and custom because below reason:

Proper panel thickness;

Suitable panel sizes;

Internal panel structural requirements;

Below grade/above grade considerations;

Site planning and foundation considerations.

03. why Onekin panel is fast installation?

T & G joins, easy for installation and connection between two panels, or panel and column. 

Using U shape clips, the same for ceiling and floor part, for details installation method. Customer can get full instruction of Grenn Panel installation after the purchase.

Below are the main installation tools:

04. The water saturation effect Onekin Green panel?

Although Onekin Green Panel does not absorb much water or moisture in natural circumstances, it is still recommended to use coated fasteners on specific increments, as well as using protective measures to eliminate water penetration.



03. how about the other performance of Onekin panel?

- Light weight, only around 1/3 that of cement board.

- High strength and flexibility, long term endurance.

- Fast and easy installation, 40 m2/worker/day.

- Reduce cost up to 30% on foundation, beams, labor resources and project period.

- Excellent fireproof performance, Class A according to national standard.

- Non-combustible at 800℃, no flame at 1200℃, no hazardous smoke release.

- Low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, heat absorption up to 80%.

- Free of asbestos, formaldehyde or radiation.

- Basically self-reaction by magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, no toxic additives.

- Environmental protection, bio-degradable and recyclable.

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