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Onekin lightweight affordable-housing panel

Onekin lightweight affordable-housing panel

  • Main Materials:Magnesium oxide
  • Standard size:2800*600mm/2900*600mm
  • Thickness:90/100/120/150/200
  • Length:2200-3600mm
  • Width:600mm
  • Fire proof:grade A

* Single house 
* The fence of factory
* Residential buildings 
* Kitchen ,Toilet,bathroom,andof indoor wall
* Paste on the cement mortar and tiles
* Public construction,like Hotels,schools

Sound insulation

Onekin lightweight affordable-housing panel adopts hollow core structure design,as the air is the most medium of sound and thermal insulation,and it shows great efficiency in insulating noise.

For 100mm panel ,the sound insulation is 39 dB,While it can reach up to 51 dB for structure with two layers of 90mm panel with 50mm rock wool in the middle.


 1  ASTM C39/C39M-12a Comoressive strength   4.4 Mpa
 2 ASTM C1609/C1609M-12   Flexural strength   0.492 Mpa 
 3 GB/T 9978.8-2008   Fireproof(2pcs 90mm panel+50mm rock wool+3mm skim coat)  180 minutes
 4     GB 50121-2005     Sound insulation
(2pcs 90mm panel+50mm rock wool)
  51 dB

Main performance

* Fast installation:40m2/day/work
* Save up to 30% of total project cost
* Sound insulation up to 51dB
* 80% energy saving
* green building materials not contain asbestos
* 22% water absorttion
* 1-4 hours fire rating
* light weight:1/3 weight of traditional cement board

Our teams

1.Technology reachers center to ensure the fomulation and product's innovation
2.Strict quality control team to ensure high quality
3.Engineering team with architectural design and installation to ensure the smooth project development.
4.Professional international sales team to ensure effective communation and transaction
5.Full range of after sales service system to solve problem quicky

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