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Onekin lightweight and fireproof wall panel compared with traditional sandwich panelOnekin lightweight and fireproof wall panel compared with traditional sandwich panelOnekin lightweight and fireproof wall panel compared with traditional sandwich panel

Onekin lightweight and fireproof wall panel compared with traditional sandwich panel

  • fire retard: 4 hours
  • thickness: 150/200 (recommend for exterior wall)
  • thermal insulation: 0.1739 w/m*k
  • design: hollow core
  • loading port: Tianjin Port(China)
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Onekin lightweight and fireproof wall panel

compared with traditional sandwichpanel

What is the difference with similar fire retard wall material?

   There's lots of precast fire retard wall materials in the market, why customers keep choosing Onekin?

Here give an example for Onekin prefab wall panel & Sandwich panel

  a. raw material

    Onekin prefab wall panel is using magnesium oxide, which is nature fire protection material, while sandwich panel is using perlite and cement and insulation materials. the differenct is mgo as main material, have stronger fireproof performance than sandwich panel.

  b. production method different

   Onekin prefab wall panel is made by chemical reaction, the raw material is strongly bonded with each other. 

Sandwich panel is made by two pieces of fireproof board, with insulation material in the middle, production is made by hot pressure. this will result a danger for material come off when it is used in high temperature area.


c. performance is different

  Onekin prefab wall panel is lightweight, and fireproof, as well as waterproof. while sandwich panel is limited for the fire rating performance.

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