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Onekin lightweight panel hollow core low cost for 90mm wall panelOnekin lightweight panel hollow core low cost for 90mm wall panel

Onekin lightweight panel hollow core low cost for 90mm wall panel

  • Delivery Port: Tianjin
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Type: hollow core
  • thickness:75/90/100/120/150/200
  • Material: non-flammable material/green materials
  • labor efficiency: 40~50m2/day/worker


 standard size  2800/2900*600
 design  tongue and groove
 colour  white
 decoration type  no need mortar
 certificate  ASTM, TUV, SGS
 sound insulation  51dB
 thermal resistance  0.5712M2 K/W


Our lightweight panel is widely used as wall partitions in the building instead of traditional materials.
  • Public construction,like schools
  • Single house
  • The fence of factory
  • Kitchen ,bathroom,and the toilet of indoor wall
  • Residential buildings 
  • General industrial buildings,such as KTV

Quality control

We are committed to pursuing customer statisfaction and ensure stable quality of our products,we have a strong quality management system,including Pre-production Inspection for raw materials,in-process quality control and container loading supervision(Pre-shipment Inspection).

Comparison sheet

Lighter weight:
* Reduce the base,linter beams and stiffener
* Lower structural load
* 1/3 weight of cement panel and bricks

Lower cost
Saving on
* Construction period
* Project management cost
* Structure
* Labor
Save up to 30% of the total cost
Short pay back

Faster installation
40m2-50m2 /day/worker:2-5x faster installation
* Cement panel:16m2/day/worker
* Bricks:5m2/day/worker
Shorten the construction time


  • 1-4 hours fire rating
  • lightweight:36kg/m2 for 90mm panel
  • save up to 30% of the total cost
  • sound insulation up to 51dB
  • 80% energy saving and heat insulation
  • no asbestos green building materials
  • 22% water absorption

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