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Onekin low price panel for internal wall and external wall

Onekin low price panel for internal wall and external wall

  • Onekin low price wall wall panel of internal and external walls
  • Low cost for the construction of House: Save 10% to 30% construction cost
  • Construction speed: more than 50sqm wall per worker per day
  • Fire grade: 2-4 hours
  • Waterproof: water absorption by 30%, much lower than the fiber cement, Gypsum, silicate boards
  • Fast construction: no need to plaster the wall before layers, there are large requirements for construction Machine scheme.
  • Standard size: 2800/2900/2950 mm (L/H), 600mm (W), 90/100/120/150/200mm (T)

Magnesium magnesium Board/wall materials is a prosperous only in China, and the reason is that most of the eligible magnesium oxide powder made from China, an important raw material for magnesium concrete building materials.

Magnesium oxide powder is exported by the Chinese Government, if you want to import these materials from China, you have to pay the cost of local companies to China-Times and may face a shortage of goods at any time. So if you want to set up the magnesium production of building materials, the first step in fact, magnesium oxide powder production available, and make sure it will not be out of use many years. Because it is a natural resources such as coal.

At present, Ethiopia is the only country that managed to import the whole mode, with both raw materials (powder magnesium oxide) and magnesium Board and panel production. Most of the other countries which import machines and production lines, but production quality or not, or non-permanent output as raw materials.

People who want to develop this industry can discuss with wall board manufacturing magnesium, not Machine manufacture, and in this way can get good recommendations.

Construction material magnesium Technology, in fact, is a technology that is far more complex than cement, Gypsum and other ordinary building wall materials, it is a complex production system, not a simple formula. There are plenty of goods Machine manufacturing and research agencies, has no direct experience in production, but sales formula, it really cheating. In production, this formula is only for reference, not the static data, should manage according to different conditions, and it is always dynamic.

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